Boston University offers two comprehensive dental plan options, both administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. With either plan, you will be able to receive care at one of the Boston University Dental Health Centers.

Option 1: BU Dental Health Center Plan

If you join this plan, you must receive your dental treatment from one of the BU Dental Health Centers (930 Commonwealth Avenue or 100 East Newton Street). There is no coverage for care received outside of the centers, except for emergency dental treatment. No deductible applies in this plan and plan benefits vary based on the type of dental service, as described. This plan offers a higher level of coverage at a lower cost when compared to the Dental Blue Freedom Plan.

Option 2: Dental Blue Freedom Plan

This is a unique dental plan, designed especially for BU employees who may not be able to conveniently receive all their dental care at a BU Dental Health Center. When you need dental care, you have access to providers at the BU Dental Health Centers; Blue Cross Blue Shield dental network providers (look under Dental Blue PPO network); or you may choose your own provider. You decide where to receive treatment each time you need dental care. Plan benefits vary based on where you receive care.