Manager Toolkit

Connecting Your New Employee to BU

Providing a welcoming and professional environment is necessary to make an employee’s first few days at BU a success.

Here you will find information on how to successfully orient your new employee during key stages of their onboarding experience: prior to their start date, on their first day, and for their first few weeks and beyond.

We have also included an in-depth New Staff Process Guide, which outlines all the steps that you and your new employee will take to complete their onboarding.

We also encourage you to review the resources offered by Organizational Development & Learning to learn more about Supporting Your New Hire.

Prior to Day One

Connect with your new employee before their first day with the goal of welcoming them and reducing uncertainty. Below are some resources on how to best welcome your new employee and get them ready for day one success.


Day One

Welcoming new employees on their first day is crucial for setting a positive tone and helping them feel comfortable and valued. Below are strategies for establishing an inclusive environment for your new employee to feel welcome as they begin their journey at Boston University.


Week One and Beyond

Remember, onboarding is an ongoing process that extends far beyond the first week. Providing ongoing support, development opportunities, and open lines of communication will help your new employee integrate successfully into the University culture and thrive in their role. Here are some essential elements to include in a new employee’s first week and beyond during the onboarding process: