Orienting Your New Employee

Providing a welcoming, collegial, and professional environment is necessary to make an employee’s first few days at BU a success.

As a manager, you play a key role in orientating your new employee to your department. You need to prepare for the employee’s arrival and make sure he or she has the resources, work-related tools, and necessary training to thrive in the new position. These guidelines will help you and your new employee through the process (not all steps are relevant to all positions):

Department Actions

Prior to employee’s arrival:

  • Inform staff of the employee’s arrival
  • Set up and clean the new employee’s office space
  • Obtain office supplies
  • Establish an office mailbox
  • Establish a schedule for the first day
  • Establish a training schedule

During employee’s first week:

  • Introduce the new employee to staff
  • Review the dress code and office protocol
  • Accompany him or her on a tour of the building/office/facilities, including the lunchroom, emergency exits, and restrooms
  • Discuss the location of the nearest T stop or parking lot
  • Provide keys (e.g., office, building, desk, file cabinets)
  • Provide security codes, if necessary
  • Show him or her the location of fax machines, copiers, printers, etc., and provide instructions and any access information
  • Ensure the employee has access to BUworks Central and confirm they have entered their personal data and emergency contact information. Use Online Employee Tools as a reference.
  • Establish access to appropriate computing resources and electronic files
  • Establish a phone extension, activate voicemail, and provide long-distance access codes
  • Add the employee’s name to any email group lists, distribution lists, internal/office phone lists, and/or websites
  • For exempt employees: explain time sheet completion
  • For non-exempt employees: explain time entry on BUworks via Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Review the pay schedule
  • Confirm the work schedule
  • Complete the Intellectual Policy Agreement
  • Complete the Conflict of Interest Policy Statement
  • Order and distribute relevant work-related items, e.g., business cards, nameplates, name badge, P-card, cell phone, beeper, laptop, uniforms, manuals/handbooks, and/or tools
  • Review the position description
  • Review performance standards

Human Resources Actions

Employee Payroll Actions

  • Complete the W-4 federal form on BUworks via ESS
  • Complete the W-4 state form on BUworks via ESS
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit on BUworks via ESS