Exit Process

When an employee resigns from their position, several tasks must be completed to ensure a smooth transition. The Exiting Employee Checklist contains a comprehensive list of these tasks. Note: some departments may require additional tasks specific to the department. We advise checking with your department HR liaison if any additional tasks need to be completed.

BU email accounts for former employees are automatically deprovisioned at the conclusion of the last day worked. A former employee’s continued access depends on any additional University affiliations (see graphic below for specifics based on affiliation). Note: former BU employees will not be able to access electronic paystubs and W-2s via BUworks after their last day of work (regardless of any active affiliations). If either of these documents are needed after termination, the former employee should contact the Payroll Office by emailing bupay@bu.edu.

Account Transitions and Deprovisioning

You can click on the graphic below to view it in another browser tab.

Flowchart in orange and green to help discern what happens to an account when a leaving employee has another affiliation

Additional information from IS&T about account expirations can be found here: Account Expiration : TechWeb