Prescription Drug Coverage

As a member of the Boston University Health Plan, you will automatically be enrolled in prescription drug coverage through OptumRx. When your doctor prescribes medication, you have choices about where and how the prescription is filled.

Register with OptumRx to Manage Your Prescriptions
Once you are enrolled in a health plan, you can  register with OptumRx.  As a registered member, you can use the site to manage your prescription drug benefits. Order refills, sign up for text message reminders, track your orders, view the status of your claims, use their mobile website, and  more.

Prior Authorization
OptumRx covers medically necessary prescription medication. Some drugs require prior authorization in order to be covered by the plan. To learn about a specific medication, visit the OptumRx website.

PPO Plan

Your prescription costs vary depending on whether your prescribed medication is a generic, preferred brand-name, or non-preferred brand-name drug (preferred brand-name medications are selected based on their clinical effectiveness and opportunities for savings). An independent Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee updates this list regularly based on continuous evaluation of medications.

The out-of-pocket maximum of $2,500 for single coverage and $5,000 for family coverage for prescription drug expenses is separate from the medical out-of-pocket maximum with the PPO Plan.

Members can determine whether their brand-name medications are preferred or non-preferred by logging in to OptumRx.

Your out-of-pocket cost for prescription drugs are listed below:

Expense Your Cost for Prescription Drugs
OptumRx Network Out-of-Network
Retail Pharmacy (per 30 day supply)

You pay 100% (not covered)

Generic $10 copay
Preferred Brand 20% coinsurance ($45 minimum, $65 maximum)
Non-preferred Brand 30% coinsurance ($65 minimum, $85 maximum)
Mail Order & CVS90 Saver Program (per 90 day supply)
Generic $20 copay
Preferred Brand 20% coinsurance ($90 minimum, $130 maximum)
Non-preferred Brand 30% coinsurance ($130 minimum, $170 maximum)

Retail Pharmacy
When you need short-term medication (e.g., for the flu or an ear infection), with the Retail Network Pharmacy Service you can take your prescription to almost any major pharmacy chain and many independent pharmacies. Simply show your ID card and pay your co-payment.

Receive 90-day Supply at CVS Pharmacy

In response to employee requests to fill prescriptions for a 90-day supply of medications at a retail pharmacy, OptumRx has partnered with CVS Pharmacy to give BU Health Plan members the option to get 90-day supplies of maintenance medication at retail CVS pharmacies for the cost of a 60-day supply.

  • The OptumRx CVS90 Saver program allows you to get 90-day supplies of your maintenance medications at nearly 9,700 CVS Pharmacy locations or through OptumRx home delivery — the choice is yours.
  • Your pharmacy benefit covers only a limited number of 30-day refills of a maintenance medication. After the allowed refills, you must choose to fill your prescription from OptumRx home delivery or CVS Pharmacy, or pay double the 30-day supply cost.
  • If you decide not to use either home-delivery or the OptumRx CVS90 Saver program, you will pay double the 30-day supply cost.
  • If you choose to fill a maintenance medication prescription at a non-CVS retail pharmacy, you will pay double the 30-day supply cost.

Home Delivery Pharmacy Service

Home Delivery is an important element of your care. Home Delivery is a full-service, state-of-the-art home delivery pharmacy. It offers an easy, cost-effective, and convenient way for you to fill prescriptions for maintenance medications.

You’ll benefit from lower copays by refilling a 90-day supply rather than the typical 30-day supply. Home Delivery offers convenient delivery to your specified location.

Prescribers may contact the OptumRx pharmacy via electronic means, phone, fax, or mail.

PO Box 2975
Mission, KS 66201-1375

Doctor Call-In Line: 800-791-7658
Doctor Fax Line: 800-491-7997

Health Savings Plan

Prescription drug expenses count toward the same deductible and out-of-pocket maximum as any other medical expense.

For non-preventive medications you pay the full amount of the prescription drug until you reach the medical plan deductible. Then, you pay 12% coinsurance up to the annual out-of-pocket maximum. The coinsurance percentage you pay is the same, regardless of where and how your prescription is filled.

Contact Information
Customer Service: 1-888-863-8578