Current BU Employees

Develop your career at the University and apply online at Open Job Opportunities with an updated resume and cover letter. On your application, it will ask how you heard about Boston University, please indicate, “I am a Current Boston University Employee.”

If you are union represented, there may be a different application process. Select from the following links to learn how to apply for union positions.

When do I tell my manager?

When you apply for a new role, Human Resources does not inform your manager. At the time of application, it is also not required for you to inform your manager, but it is recommended.

Boston University’s Employee Handbook requires that if you are selected for an interview, you inform your manager.

In addition, if you were considered further for a position, the hiring manager will contact your current manager for a reference.

Understanding Salary Grades

Prior to applying for a new role, we would recommend that you review your current salary grade compared to the posted job’s salary grade.

If you are applying to a position of a lower or same grade, this would be considered a transfer. If you apply to a position of a higher grade, it would be considered a promotion.

Learn more about salaries here.