A wide variety of technology services and computing resources will support your work at Boston University. Before you can take advantage of those services, you must create a BU login name and password. Your BU login name and password are used to confirm your identity across most computing resources at the University. For example, they are required when you want to read your BU email, access computer labs, connect to the wireless network, or view your personal information online.

Getting Started

  • New and incoming students, faculty and staff will receive special instructions for creating your BU login name and password from the Registrar or Human Resources
  • If you are already on campus but do not have, or have forgotten components of, your BU login name and password, please submit a Help request.
  • Non-BU affiliates can be sponsored for an affiliate account. Sponsors should complete the affiliate account request form at https://www.bu.edu/tech/support/guest/.
  • Department representatives seeking a Departmental/Service account should submit the request through www.bu.edu/help/tech/accounts.

Requirements for Individual Accounts

  • Must have a BU ID number
  • Must have a current and active status with the University, determined and verified by Human Resources or the Registrar
  • Must read and agree to the University Acceptable Use of Computing Services Policy
  • Non-BU affiliates who are not eligible through HR or the Registrar can be sponsored for a Guest account. Please have your sponsor complete the Guest account request form at www.bu.edu/help/tech/accounts.

Helpful Links

  • Reset My Password - if you know your password and want to change it, you can do so online at anytime.
  • Reset Forgotten Password - if you forget your password, you can reset it online at anytime.
  • The Links - is BU's online portal to confidential records, where you can register for courses, update your personal information, perform administrative functions, and more.
  • Update My Personal Information - update your listing preferences, display name, pronouns, gender identity, personal email address, and email routing.