Annual Merit Process

New for the 2018 Merit Planning Process

We are pleased to announce several changes to the ECM system and the planning processes. These changes are the result of feedback from users gathered during the 2017 L2324, Faculty, and Staff review cycles.

Static Guideline

Guidelines for recommending increases will be considered static throughout the planning process and will be considered not affected by transfers, termination or changes to employee salaries.

Planning Overview for Recommenders

  • Merit Recommenders now have access to the Planning Overview screen which is shown below. This access provides a clearer view of the overall spend and individual unit planning statuses for an area versus the individual org unit seen in the worksheet view.


Eligibility Report available to all ECM users

  • The Eligibility Report can be used to: review the eligibility of the employees in an org unit prior to and during the Merit process and then easily identify employees that might need to be included or excluded from your department’s planning cycle.

Salary History Report

The following updates have been made to the last year’s Salary History Report:

  • Addition of a Master Cost Center field
  • Display the title of an Org Unit rather than just the code
  • Employee name has been separated into First and Last Name
  • Non-Exempt employees are displayed with annualized figures

Compensation Statement Availability for ECM users

  • Compensation Statements are now available not only to Managers, but to all Recommenders and Approvers.
  • Statements for hourly-paid employees now show increases as annualized amounts, which is consistent with the new worksheet updates.

We welcome your continued feedback as we work to make the system and process as streamlined as possible. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments concerning the 2018 Merit process please do not hesitate to contact the Compensation Department at