Individual vs. Position Access

Access can be given to an individual or an individual can inherit access from the position. When referring to “position” we are referencing your job and the responsibilities that are specific to your role.

Access given to an individual stays with the individual. For example your email account login/Kerberos will follow you through promotions or transfers to other positions in the university. In addition, although ESS access is based on having a position at the university, all active employees of the university are entitled to ESS and no further action will be needed to retain this access. Other examples of entitlements that are based on the individual: BW Reporting, work list substitutions, access to departmental resources, and SharePoint.

Access given to a position stays with the position. For example your position may have MSS access but if you transfer to another position that does not have that responsibility you will no longer have MSS access. Other examples of entitlements that are based on a position include (varies per position): BUworks Central Access (examples: Manager Self Service, Payroll Coordinator, Time-Keeper, Finance, Procurement, Mainframe (Legacy) Galaxy Permits (based on Business Function ID – legacy’s version of “position”)).