Please note: Volunteers must follow all Boston University directives and procedures related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Boston University welcomes the assistance of volunteers who wish to help the University conduct its academic research, cultural, and athletic activities. However, use of volunteers must occur within the requirements imposed by the federal and state laws regulating employment and immigration and must be consistent with the University’s risk management objectives.

Departments wishing to engage a volunteer must first complete this form and click submit. Your HR Business Partner will review whether this volunteer arrangement is permissible under University policy.

Only once approved, the Department may move forward in onboarding the volunteer.

Please note, you must have a Volunteer Release signed by the intended volunteer, scanned, and ready to upload before you start this form. It cannot be submitted without one.

Departments that sponsor volunteers are responsible for ensuring that the below criteria are met when engaging a volunteer:

  • A volunteer is an individual who willingly performs unpaid service for the University for civic, charitable or humanitarian reasons or to gain practical work experience.
  • Volunteers must perform such services without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation, including future employment, deferred payment, or any other tangible benefit.
  • Such services must be offered freely and without pressure or coercion, direct or implied from the University.
  • Volunteers may not be used to substitute for tasks normally performed by Boston University employees or in a way that would displace University employees.
  • Employees may not volunteer in units that employ them or in capacities that are substantially similar to their work roles.
  • Volunteers may not be used to circumvent the University’s hiring processes or requirements that govern work authorization for foreign nationals.
  • All volunteers must be supervised at all times to protect the University’s interest and ensure a successful experience.
  • If the volunteer will be located on BUMC and is not currently a student (high school, college, or masters level) please consult with the BUMC Provost Office.
  • Boston University volunteers may only be engaged for a continuous duration for 3 months or less, or up to one academic year for 10 hours or less per week.

Under the FLSA, the risk of violating wage and hour laws is significant.  Improperly designated volunteers may be awarded back pay, including overtime pay, and the University may also be fined.

If the above expectations are met, please proceed with the following steps:

Onboarding Steps to be Followed
1) Volunteer must sign Volunteer Status Confirmation & Confidentiality Agreement.Please note: this document must be retained in the department.
2) Volunteer must sign the Intellectual Property Agreement. Please note: this document must be retained in the department.
3) If the volunteer is not a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, the person must register with the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) before you complete any additional steps. You will have to provide an appointment letter created and signed by the department or school to ISSO.
4) If the volunteer will be located on BUMC and is not currently a student (high school, college, or masters level) please consult with the BUMC Provost Office.
5) If the volunteer is a minor (under age 18):

6a) If your volunteer needs just a BUID# and BU email (and will not be entered into SAP/BUworks): request a BU email address by completing this form: www.bu.edu/tech/services/support/iam/authentication/kerberos/kerberos

6b) If your volunteer also needs a Terrier Card (for building access), you must complete step 6a, then have them visit either: Human Resources at 25 Buick Street on the Charles River Campus, or the Public Safety Department Office on the Medical Campus.

6c) If your volunteer needs access to BUworks/SAP, do not complete step 6a or 6b until below steps are completed (no Terrier Card request form is required if you hire into BUworks), and:

  1. Create a “Non-Compensated” position in SAP. (OM)
    • Job = 20001553 “Non-Compensated Staff”
    • Long Position Name:
      • Volunteer High School Student
      • Volunteer Undergraduate Student
      • Volunteer Graduate Student
  2. Enter the volunteer’s information into the non-compensated position you created in SAP (PA).
  3. Once the volunteer is moved into this position in SAP, the system will automatically generate a UID number. This number will be available in your worklist.
7) If the volunteer will be in a Laboratory Setting:

  • Laboratory Safety Training

Laboratory safety training can be completed on the BioRAFT website. Typically, volunteers will need to take the Universal, BSL1 and BSL2 courses and pass the quiz.

  • ROHP clearance

Please download the Job Risk Assessment (if the volunteer has never completed this form before) and any other requirements as determined by ROHP. The completed form will be sent to ROHP at rohp@bu.edu.

The ROHP office will process these applications as quickly as feasible. If you have any questions, please contact the ROHP at rohp@bu.edu (617-358-7647).