Time Off & Leaves of Absence

As a Boston University employee, your benefits package includes generous time off and leaves of absence programs, dependent on your employment status. Time off includes vacation, sick days, personal days, unpaid time off, sympathy time, jury duty, and intersession. These are available to eligible employees under the appropriate circumstances as defined in your handbook or collective bargaining agreement.

When considering a leave of absence, it is important to view the leave in two components: 1) employee status 2) continuation of pay.

  1. Employee status is governed by the Domestic Violence Leave Act, Family & Medical Leave Act, Massachusetts Parental Leave Act, Small Necessities Leave Act, and your respective employment policies document (which speak to military leaves and other personal leaves of absence).
  2. Continuation of pay is governed by University policies (such as the staff or faculty handbook, or collective bargaining agreements) which allow you to use earned time during your leave.

To request a leave of absence (paid or unpaid) please complete and submit the appropriate form for your positions:

All medical leaves are subject to review and approval by Human Resources. HR will review an employee’s request and respond with any next steps. Employee and supervisor will be informed whether the leave will be designated as FMLA and count against any FMLA leave entitlement.

For further details, please refer to the appropriate document for your employment status:

For a complete list of observed holidays, please see the University holiday schedule.