Organizational Development and Learning (OD&L) aims to drive strategic learning and development through robust solutions, enabling individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary results in education, research, and patient care.  Our team offers classes and workshops, program development and consulting services.

BU knows that our talent is a valuable asset and supports the continual growth and development of our employees.  As strategic partners to the University community, we ensure that our employees have access to the innovative tools and learning opportunities they need to support the achievement of the University’s goals.

Virtual Workshops

While we may not be together physically, our need to maintain our relationships at a distance is more important than ever before. Stay connected by joining a group of your fellow faculty and staff members for regularly-held facilitated workshops on topics trending in our community.

Join other BU faculty and staff for short (90 min or less) bimonthly Zoom sessions to:

  • connect with other members of the BU community
  • learn new skills and strategies to be more effective while working from home
  • facilitate an exchange of ideas for managing yourself and others during this time
  • share learning resources

Upcoming Sessions: 

Title: Difficult Conversations
Date: Thursday, July 15 & Tuesday, July 27
Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Description: Many of us are facing the need to have difficult conversations as we continue to work during these uncertain times. Having a positive outcome is a matter of skill and will. Organizational Development Learning is offering a session to build those skills and provide tools to help with your difficult conversations now. 
Attendance: The session is open to all but spots are limited and filled on a first come, first serve basis. Please sign up here.

Title: DiSC Lite
Date: Wednesday, July 22 & Wednesday, July 28
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:45 pm
Description: This is a remote learning session where you will identify your DiSC style and the priorities that drive you. You will also learn to understand the styles of others and how to build effective relationships with them.
Attendance: The session is open to all but spots are limited and filled on a first come, first serve basis. Please sign up here.


Major Programs and Services:

Choose to Learn Live (On Hold)

The Choose to Learn Live program consists of live and virtual sessions featuring industry and internal experts that focus on relevant business and work-life balance topics that foster development. Programs are offered as live, in-person events and are also accessible via webinar, and recorded for later viewing.

Choose to Manage

The Choose to Manage Program provides managers with the tools, skills, knowledge and processes to be an effective manager.

Management, Acumen, Performance (M.A.P.) (On Hold)

Management, Acumen, Performance (M.A.P.) is a program geared to leaders, managers or individual contributors who are looking for the next development step –to gain leadership skills in their current roles or prepare for an increase of scope in responsibilities.

Choose to Lead

The Choose to Lead Program prepares leaders for future roles at Boston University.  Participants are nominated by senior leaders to participate in a year long program focused on building skill and competencies required to be a successful leader at Boston University.

Terrier eDevelopment

Terrier eDevelopment is a web-based e-learning platform that allows BU staff and faculty to have instant access to online learning content, including courses, videos, e-books, and training documents.

Check out all these offerings here

Other OD&L Services

Organizational Development and Learning offers various learning programs and services to BU’s faculty and staff members, including consulting with schools/colleges, departments and individuals on their development needs, workshops, learning programs and more.

Boston University employees also have access to a number of learning opportunities: