University Identification Number (UID)

A University Identification Number (UID) is assigned to faculty, staff, and university affiliates. Every member of the Boston University community is identified by his or her unique nine-digit code.

All staff and Faculty, including Temporary staff and faculty, are assigned a BUID as part of the hiring action – once the SAP hire form is approved. To obtain a BUID for guests/affiliates, please request as follows:

To request a UID number for…

Submit requests to…

Non-temporary Staff or Faculty Complete the appropriate hire form in BUworks. If working with a recruiter, they will complete the hiring form in BUworks on your behalf.
Terrier temps or temporary agency personnel,
Contractors and Consultants, and all other
affiliates of the University
Information Services & Technology
Please submit a request to fill out a Guest Sponsorship Form. Select “Guests” on the Accounts web page.
Phone: 617-353-4357