Successful Remote/Hybrid Teams

“Intentionality in hybrid team success is a journey, not a destination. All levels of the institution must take an active role in setting the institution on a course of success” – Gartner

Organizational Development and Learning team has designed a multi-faceted approach that will ensure the successful implementation of BU’s new remote work guidance.  OD&L will support manager and employee success as we navigate remote/hybrid work through a series of online resources and virtual workshops and programs.

We have curated learning for you on a range of topics that are vital to the success of a hybrid team.

Choose How You Learn!

You can learn in a variety of ways. Join a virtual workshop, take an on-demand course in Terrier e-Development, or listen to an audiobook on a topic of interest.

We have categorized the offerings by the key topics that make up the characteristics of successful hybrid teams. Use the drop-down arrows to view the offerings and start your learning.

We will continue to support you on this journey. Visit this page often to find new offerings and complete this form to tell us what topics you are interested in learning more about related to remote work and hybrid teams.