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Old School, but not old-school. CFA has played a major role in Boston’s cultural community for a long time. In fact, CFA is one of the reasons Boston is known as a premier cultural city in America. Our student and faculty artists and scholars have always been at the center of the action here. As a member of our community, you are now part of this history. But we didn’t get here by being stuck to old ways and beliefs. We’re striving to be more inclusive, innovative, future-directed, and ready for your energy and new ideas.

The information below outlines resources for CFA’s on-campus graduate students. Graduate students in CFA’s online programs can find additional resources here.

Information for incoming Fall 2024 Graduate Students

What is the College of Fine Arts?

Next! — We know it’s easy to swipe past a list of resources but please don’t. Taking the time to get to know CFA and BU is worth your time. You don’t need to view them all at once. Come back and explore, but do come back!  Below, you will find a virtual tour of CFA and a list of resources. Each resource can be valuable to you during your time here.

Take a Tour of CFA

From wind ensemble rehearsal to kinetic sculptures to the light & sound lab at Booth Theatre, there is always something amazing happening within the walls of CFA. Take a peek behind-the-scenes of some of our favorite spaces and check out a typical day at the College of Fine Arts!

Explore the rest of the Boston University campus using this virtual tour.

27 Facts About Your Future Graduate Degree at BU

At Boston University, our academic excellence is the core of who we are. Ranked in the top 50 universities in US, graduate students from around the globe come to our university in the heart of Boston to take part in innovative research and learn from top minds, including MacArthur Fellows, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize Winners, and more.

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