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Climate Action Plan

We Must Act Now to Ensure BU's Bright Future

Climate Action Plan Forum - CRC

Working Together to Come Up with a Plan

Students pushing for climate action. A request from the University's Board of Trustees. A directive from our University's president. A task force of students, faculty, and staff. Community workshops. A responsive and forward-looking Board of Trustees. One bold, comprehensive Climate Action Plan. Find out how we came together to catapult BU into climate leadership.

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Act Now: Prepare BU for Climate Change

Preparing for the impacts that a changing climate will bring to our campuses begins with new construction standards and integrating resiliency best practices into construction projects.

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Act Now: Achieve Net Zero Direct Emissions by 2040

BU's Climate Action Plan set a goal of net carbon neutrality by 2040. How will we get there? By reducing energy demand 31% by 2032. By shifting from fossil fuels to electric heating and cooling so we can draw on renewable sources. By matching 100% of the University’s electricity demand with renewable energy. And by transitioning BU’s vehicle fleet to electric.

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Act Now: Act on Indirect Emissions

Beyond direct energy consumption, the everyday operation of our University incurs impacts on global emissions. Indirect emmissions are associated with how our population commutes to campus, how the goods we purchase are produced and delivered, and what we throw away (and what can be reused).

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Act Now: Promote Climate Change Education & Research

Our Climate Action Plan proposes that issues of climate change and sustainability be incorporated into part of every student's campus experience, as these issues will be part of their lives beyond BU.

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Act Now: Integrate Climate Action into the Strategic Plan

In order to increase the University’s commitment to and focus on sustainability across teaching, research, and operations, BU will incorporate the Climate Action Plan into its Strategic Plan.

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One Bold Plan

While the Climate Action Plan is specific to Boston University, climate change is a problem that extends beyond our campuses. Boston University must be a leader in addressing the challenges of climate change in its educational programs, research, operations, finance, and community engagement, for the betterment of the world. There's no time to lose. We must act now. Read the full plan.

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