College of Fine Arts

The Boston University College of Fine Arts (CFA) unites the School of Music, the School of Theatre, and the School of Visual Arts into an intense, dynamic arts community where students combine professional, individualized training in their field with collaborative work that increasingly crosses departments and schools.

The Mission of the College of Fine Arts

The mission of the College of Fine Arts is to prepare students for professional work in music, theatre, or visual arts. Emphasis is placed on studio instruction: the focus of the student’s acquisition of professional skills and techniques through personalized instruction and mentoring. The CFA faculty comprises proven teachers who draw from their distinguished experiences as artists and performers of national and international reputation.

Courses in literature, language, and the liberal arts, available through the College of Arts & Sciences and other schools and colleges at Boston University, are an integral part of each undergraduate program. Students may also minor or add a second major in a field outside their school or college, taking advantage of the vast resources of a major research university.

The Dean’s Message

Welcome to Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, a world leader in education in the arts. At our three acclaimed schools—Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts—we learn, study, perform, create, and enjoy the arts in a constructive, supportive, and creative climate, proud of a glorious past and open to the risks inherent in creative processes as well as the renewal and transformation our times require. Since becoming dean in August 2010, my heart and mind have been filled with the College’s past triumphs, its current extraordinary achievements, and the contribution I can make to the success we all hope to achieve in the future.

The College of Fine Arts offers unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow, not only with our distinguished faculty, but also with faculty across the University. Boston is a haven for learning, knowledge, and the arts; an incomparable bonus of studying at BU is the opportunity to experience superlative museums, galleries, and performances of every imaginable kind in institutions that collaborate closely with CFA.

I invite you to learn more about our programs and to meet our distinguished community of artists and scholars.

Dean Benjamín Juárez