Quick Start

The Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) is a suite of software and web-based applications that creative professionals worldwide use. The suite includes over twenty individual applications that allow you to edit video and audio, process digital images, create single and multi-page layouts, render 3D objects, and many more. An ACC license also provides access to cloud storage and asset management between the various applications.


The Adobe Creative Cloud enables you to create and edit digital multimedia assets with industry leading tools that provide the de facto standard in media editing and creation. The majority of applications install right on your own computer and allow you to work on your digital media at your convenience. Some web-based tools (e.g. Spark, Portfolio) are also available and require Internet access.

Key Features

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of professional digital multimedia creation tools for print, web, and video content. ACC includes more than twenty programs such as Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

  • Create beautiful graphics, photos, and art (Photoshop)
  • Create vector-based illustrations and graphics (Illustrator)
  • Design and publish one or multi-page layouts (InDesign)
  • Design, prototype and share user experiences (XD)
  • Edit video and film with full post-production capabilities (Premiere Pro)
  • Create motion graphics and visual effects (After Effects)
  • Render photorealistic 3D images (Dimension)
  • Manage digital photography workflows on your desktop (Lightroom Classic)
  • Create your own digital art portfolio (Portfolio)
  • Produce graphics, web pages, and video stories in minutes (Spark)
  • Create and manage PDF documents and workflows (Acrobat)
  • Develop and maintain web sites, edit HTML, CSS, and similar code (Dreamweaver)
  • Create responsive web sites without any coding required (Muse)
  • Produce animation for any platform, device, and style (Animate)
  • Animate 2D characters (Character Animator)
  • Record, edit, and mix audio (Audition)
  • Manage and centralize your creative assets (Bridge)
  • Output video files for virtually any screen (Media Encoder)
  • Collaborate with copywriters and editors (InCopy)
  • Add metadata, ingest video assets for rough video cuts (Prelude)
  • Create custom 3d characters for Photoshop (Fuse)

What to Expect

The desktop applications install on your own computer. Performance depends on the suitability of your computer, please consult the recommended minimum configuration requirements. Some applications, especially in the video tools area, require more resources than others.


  • A computer meeting the minimum requirements for the selected application
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Must be eligible to receive either a university sponsored (free) license or to procure a license via an Internal Service Request (ISR) – see “Cost” section for eligibility determination


Group License Type Cost
Undergraduate Students University-sponsored license No Charge
Faculty with a primary teaching appointment in:

College of Arts & Sciences
College of Communication
College of Engineering
College of Fine Arts
College of General Studies
College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
Metropolitan College
Questrom School of Business
School of Education
School of Hospitality Administration

University-sponsored license No Charge
Faculty whose primary appointment is not in one of the schools/colleges listed above Annual subscription procured via an Internal Service Request (ISR) $75
Researchers, Staff, Departments Annual subscription procured via an Internal Service Request (ISR) $75


All licenses procured via an Internal Service Request are for use within the administrative, research, and instructional context of Boston University and not for personal use.
Named licenses (attached to a BU email address) and device licenses (for specific workstations) are available.
The annual license cost of $75 is not prorated.

Getting Started