Courses Open to BU Students

Each semester, CFA offers OVER FIFTY one, two, three, and four credit courses open to the BU Community!

As a Boston University student you can take courses in subjects like guitar, drawing, and acting, or minor in music, theatre, visual arts, or dance.

Individuals who are 58 and older may also enroll in courses not for credit through the Boston University Evergreen Program.

Other classes may be open to non-majors with permission of the faculty.


The College of Fine Arts offers seven minors that are available to all Boston University students


Music Performance


Theatre Arts


Visual Arts

Dual Degree

Sophomores who have achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher may be eligible to complete a dual degree between CFA and another college at BU. Students must meet with the dual degree advisor in the CFA Dean’s Office as well as an academic representative of the secondary college to plan an appropriate schedule.

The Dual Degree Program is a rigorous course of study, requiring superior time-management skills. The program typically requires five years to complete; however, students may shorten this time by using transfer credits, AP and IB scores, and semester course overloads. Students outside of CFA will need to audition and/or have portfolio review for admission into DDP. Find more details about Intra University Transfer.

Non-Degree Graduate Courses

Boston University College of Fine Arts (CFA) welcomes professional artists, Boston University employees, students who recently completed their undergraduate education, mid-career professionals from other disciplines, and others who are interested in music, theatre, and visual arts to explore and register for graduate courses (online or on-campus) at CFA.

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