Contacting the Police

We are located at 32 Harry Agganis Way, Boston, MA 02215

The Boston University Police Station is located off Commonwealth Avenue and is easily accessible via the MBTA Green Line, B Line, Pleasant Street stop.

Tip411 Service

Anonymous Text Messaging: The BUPD can receive text messages 24 hours a day anonymously (or the caller can make themselves known if they wish). To do this you text (SMS Message) to the number 847411 (which on a traditional phone pad is TIP 411). The person should enter “BU” (this is the keyword), then a space, then the message. Once this is done the person will no longer have to type “BU” for each message they send. The “thread” will remain open indefinitely until the caller texts the word “STOP”. To open another thread you would have to again text “BU” to 847411. With a little practice this is easily mastered.

Please note that these messages can also be sent over the internet by clicking the TIP 411 link on the top of this page.

Police Department Phone Directory

Police and Medical Emergencies 617-353-2121 3-2121
Fire Emergencies call 911 first, then BUPD at 617-353-2121
Toll Free 888-255-9411
All other Business & Information 617-353-2110 3-2110
Anonymous Tip Line 617-353-6516 3-6516
TTY 617-353-5387 3-5387
FAX-Operations Center 617-353-2873 3-2873
FAX-Chief & Administrative Offices 617-353-5534 3-5534



Executive Director of Public Safety Kelly Nee 617-353-2110 3-2110
Deputy Chief Robert Molloy 617-353-7333 3-7333
Patrol Commander Anastasios Giannopoulos 617-358-6212 8-6212
Assistant to the Chief Eileen Griffin 617-353-5362 3-5362
Detail Office 617-353-9533 3-9533
Detective Commander Det. Lt. Kelley O’Connell 617-353-3436 3-3436
Training, Standards, and Accreditation Lt. Trish Murphy 617-353-5362 3-5362
Business and Records Lt. Daniel Healy 617-358-4921 8-4921
Detective Unit 617-353-3436 3-3436
Detective FAX 617-353-1970 3-1970
Evidence Officer/Lost & Found Officer Joe Marotta 617-353-5368 3-5368
Patrol Supervisors Lt. Paul Mahoney 617-353-5364 3-5364
Fax 617-358-0685 8-0685
Information Technology Jason Sheehan 617-358-5993 8-5993

To File a Complaint against the BU Police or any of its Employees you may

  • Use the Public Feedback Form below
  • Appear at the BU Police station,  and request to speak with the patrol supervisor
  • Contact the office of the  Patrol Division Commander  at 617-358-6212
  • Send an email to
  • Mail a letter to Kelly A. Nee, Chief of Police, Boston University Police Department, 32 Harry Agganis Way, Boston, MA 02215

Public Feedback Form

The feedback area has been designed for questions and comments regarding the Boston University Police Department.

Please do not use this form to address an urgent problem or to file a report with the department, as the large number of requests we receive prevents us from replying immediately.

For emergencies, always dial 617-353-2121 or TTY 617-353-5387.