School of Music

In Boston, music matters. As the first degree-granting music school in America, the Boston University School of Music has long been a leading participant in Boston’s musical culture.

Our faculty is drawn from the ranks of Boston’s leading professional musicians, including more than 20 members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The quality and variety found in Boston’s music scene provide constant stimulation to both students and faculty, and they contribute to the School’s musical sophistication and high standards.

Recitals and concerts are presented almost daily, totaling more than 400 performances throughout the academic year. Near campus, students can also enjoy the rich musical resources of the Boston/Cambridge area, including Boston Baroque (in residence at Boston University), the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Lyric Opera, and the Handel and Haydn Society, among many others.

Message from the Director

I am delighted to introduce you to the Boston University School of Music, the oldest degree-granting music school in the United States. Our focus is on preparing the artists, teachers, and scholars of the future; teaching is our first priority. Composed of 173 practicing musicians and scholars of national and international renown (many of whom are members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra), our faculty is committed to guiding and encouraging student achievement. The School’s position at the heart of a great university provides students with a nearly limitless range of artistic and intellectual opportunities.

The School of Music has played an important role in establishing Boston as a leading center for music and culture in America, and our students perform in venues throughout the city and beyond. This is an inspiring place to be a musician. I invite you to learn more. Please call us at 617-353-3341 or email

Robert K. Dodson, Director, School of Music