CFA Emergency Resources

BU Emergency Instructions

Charles River Campus Emergency Contacts

1) Facilities Operations & Service Center (24/7) for
Facilities Event & Hazardous Material Spills – 617-353-2105

2) BUPD (24/7) for
Public Safety & Medical Incidents – 617-353-2121

3) Research Occupational Health Program for
Exposures & Lab-Related Incidents – 617-414-ROHP (7647)

4) For fire
Call 911 first, and then call BUPD (617-353-2121) to notify them of the emergency location.

5) For off-campus emergencies, call 911

  • R.A.C.E. if you detect smoke or fire.
  • Rescue people from scene of fire.
  • Alert staff, call 911, then call BUPD to report location and details.
  • Confine by closing doors and windows.
  • Extinguish only if safe or to escape a large fire. Evacuate building.
  • Report to department rally point.
    • 820 Commonwealth Ave.: in front of 808 building
    • 808 Commonwealth Ave.: in front of 820 building
    • 855 Commonwealth Ave.: in front of 871 building
    • Evacuation maps are posted around all BU buildings. If you have any questions, concerns, or to see the evacuation maps, please email
  • Do NOT use elevators.
  • For special assistance, evacuate to nearest stairwell and notify emergency responders.

Medical Emergencies
  • Call BUPD for medical assistance.
  • Find defibrillators at >> Campus >> Safety >> AEDs.
  • For minor injuries:
    • Students: Student Health Services – 617-353-3575
    • Employee: Occupational Health Center – 617-353-6630
    • Employee injury reporting: Conduent – 833-951-2415
  • Report lab-related injuries/exposures by calling ROHP (617-414-7647)
Workplace Violence
  • Secure your area.
  • Alert by calling BUPD.
  • Follow directions of emergency responders.
  • Exit when directed.
  • Active Shooter: Run, Hide, Fight
    • Run: Escape if possible.
    • Hide: Find a place out of sight, lock door, barricade entrance, silence phones.
    • Fight (last resort): Act aggressively, do not hesitate.
Hazardous Spill
  • Notify personnel and isolate the area.
  • Contain the spill if safe to do so.
  • Protect nearby drains.
  • Call Facilities E-desk (617-353-2105) to report the spill.
  • Do not attempt to clean unknown chemicals, large spills, highly hazardous spills, or any spill that could result in adverse exposure.
Extreme Weather
  • Any weather-related event that may affect normal university operations may activate the BU Emergency Response Plan.
  • Check, BU Today, BU Alert for information.
  • Staff: Speak to your supervisor about departmental coverage.
Utilities Failure
  • Call Facilties E-desk (617-353-2105) to alert of utilities failure.
  • Elevator: If trapped, call facilities (3-2105).
  • Electric: Plug essential equipment into red power outlets; unplug all non-essential equipment.
  • Water: Call facilities. Alternative water sources will be provided as necessary.
Suspicious Package/Bomb Threat
  • Suspicious Package
    • Do not touch or disturb object.
    • Call BUPD. Provide as much information as possible.
    • Prepare to evacuate.
  • Emailed Bomb Threat
    • Leave the message open on your device and call BUPD.
    • Print, screenshot, or copy the message and subject line. Note the date and time.
  • Telephoned Bomb Threat
    • Remain calm and DO NOT HANG UP.
      • Record the conversation.
      • Signal staff to listen and have them call BUPD.
      • Write down the phone number.
      • Record exact wording of the threat.
    • Keep caller on the line and gather as much information as possible.
    • Fill out Bomb Threat Procedure Checklist ASAP.
    • Be available for interviews with the building’s emergency response team and law enforcement.

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