Help BU Achieve its Climate Action Plan Goals

Students come from all over the world to attend Boston University. They’re making an investment in their future. That future depends on the ability to live in a healthy, resilient community. Here at BU, we have the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to creating sustainable spaces where everyone can thrive.

There are so many ways for you to live intentionally at BU, and you can discover numerous opportunities to get involved. Educate yourself about BU’s Climate Action Plan and the progress toward the goals. Learn about how you can help advance the Zero Waste Plan. Integrate sustainable actions in your daily life. Talk with your friends, classmates, and professors about sustainability. Get involved with our academic partners. Where you see opportunities to make improvements, share those and be a leader. Find out how students are making a positive impact.

Great change is possible when we all work together.

Get Involved

Through involvement with student organizations, daily actions, employment, and academics, there are many ways you can help BU be a climate leader. Scroll right to learn more. And watch our video to learn first-hand what getting involved can mean for your experience as a student.

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Sustainability Innovation Seed Grant

Sustainability Innovation Seed Grant

With grant funding and resources offered by BU Sustainability and Innovate@BU, students are empowered to kick-start a project or develop an intervention that tackles the leading sustainability challenges facing BU. Open to all BU students.

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Integrating Sustainability

Get inspired by student sustainability leaders, find out about how to be part of an environmentally focused living-learning community, and learn who to contact with your ideas and questions.

Campus Climate Lab

Campus Climate Lab

A funding opportunity to support student-faculty team research designed to make BU's campuses and operations more sustainable. Open to all BU students.

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