We serve 6.2 million meals a year designed to have a positive impact on both the environment and the wellness of the BU community. We do this by serving fresh, wholesome foods, and by promoting ecologically sound, socially responsible agriculture. Want to see how we’re doing? Check out our Sustainability Report, and see below for the exciting Sustainability initiatives and programs at BU.


 Amy Elvidge
Director of Sustainability

Amy Elvidge has worked in higher education food system sustainability as a student and staff since 2008, and has experience with Zero Waste, local and organic food sourcing, water conservation, energy efficiency, and real food education. When not at BU, Amy enjoys road and mountain biking, playing with her Portuguese Water Dog puppy, cooking new vegetables, and planning the next adventure with her family. You can contact Amy here.




Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Programs

Keeping it green

Fresh Food Company @ Marciano Commons, Rize , and Late Nite Kitchen are all 4-star Green Certified restaurants. And the GSU Food Court is the only Certified Food Court® in the US, with a 3-star rating.