Admission to the College of Fine Arts

You are our measure of success.

At BU College of Fine Arts, what we do is serious (about 97% of the time). This is professional study. It’s intense, it’s real, and it’s not for everyone. But, if you’re ready to dive headlong into your art, open yourself and your mind to new thoughts and approaches, and experience an education that will prepare you for your career and a life in the arts and in the world, we might be perfect for each other. Today more than ever, the world needs leaders educated with a sense of curiosity, collaboration, and outside-the-box thinking.

Are you ready to push the limits of your craft? To challenge yourself as well as convention? And to explore your art in an environment that is as focused and personalized as it is interdisciplined and global? If so, we encourage you to apply today, whether as an undergraduate or graduate student.

We welcome your inquiries and invite you to visit BU College of Fine Arts to see (and hear) our community.