Longman to Oversee BU’s New Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies Major

The HGHRS program, which includes an existing minor and a graduate certificate program, will closely and critically examine the Holocaust and other genocides in the context of modern history and culture, focusing on racism, anti-Semitism, nationalist ideologies, and other causes of genocide. The human rights component will look at the role of international conventions on human rights and international courts in responding to genocide.

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Garčević Addresses Roots of U.S. Racism in Remaker

Ambassador Vesko Garčević, Professor of the Practice of International Relations at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, published an op-ed in Remarker discussing the issues of racism and higher education in the U.S., comparing it with Southeast Europe.  The op-ed titled Strange Fruit – a story about racism in America, discusses the roots of racism in…

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