Longman Appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Professor Longman, an outstanding scholar with extensive leadership experience having served as director of numerous bodies across Boston University, will continue to raise the profile of the school and find innovative new directions for our community.

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CSE Lecture Explores Faith-Based Responses to Migration Challenges

Global experts discuss the role of faith-based actors in the areas of forced migration and humanitarian issues, ways in which religion offers both motivation and resources to tackle these challenges, as well as how religion and politics intersect to address migrant crises. 

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CURA Announces 2021-22 Religion and World Affairs Fellows

CURA’s new class of fellows will conduct research considering the role of religion in shaping gender or sexual identities, issues of inclusion and exclusion in religious communities, gendered analysis of religious experience, the dynamics of gender or sexuality in the organization of religious communities, engagement of religious groups in public policy related to gender and sexuality, as well as many other topics.

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DRS Makes Moral Case for Saving Planet

The Division of Regional Studies organized an event where Pardee School faculty examimed the ethical implications of combatting climate change.

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