Garčević Discusses Russian Global Influence at West Point Security Seminar

Ambassador Garčević joined scholars and practitioners from Europe and the U.S. to discuss how Russia transforms its soft power into “sharp power,” examining the role of local political players, including the Orthodox Church, Russian or pro-Russian media outlets, economic footprint (energy projects), and defense cooperation with Serbia. 

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Garčević Discusses EU Enlargement and Regional Challenges for Western Balkans

Ambassador Garčević argued that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a moment for the EU to radically re-evaluate its stagnant enlargement process; he proposed that Brussels develop a multi-step EU integration process, creating intermediate goals before the full inclusion into the Union,

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Garčević and Najam Participate in 15th Summer School for Young Diplomats

Professors Garčević and Najam joined 47 young diplomats from 32 countries as well as 35 lecturers from Europe and the United States to discuss complex issues of contemporary international affairs such as the war in Ukraine, NATO expansion, and global climate change.

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