Schmidt Quoted in US News and World Report on Anti-Immigration Sentiment

On August 8, 2023, Vivien Schmidt, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration and Professor of International Relations and Political Science at Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, was quoted in a US News and World Report article on rising anti-immigration sentiment and subsequent political gridlock. The article discusses rising tensions in Europe…

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Karra Offers Insight on Global Height Trends

Mahesh Karra, Assistant Professor of Global Development Policy at Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies and Associate Director of the Human Capital Initiative at the School’s Global Development Policy Center (GDP Center), spoke recently to Scientific American about a recent study that suggests children in rural areas now grow slightly taller than children in urban areas….

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Shamim Garcia (CGS ’18, Pardee ’20, ’22) Appointed Presidential Management Fellow at the Department of State

“My placement at PRM combines my research interests in Central America and migration studies with my personal drive of serving refugee and migrant communities. I am beyond excited to work with like-minded individuals who are similarly driven by humanitarian ideals.”

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Nolan Explores Impact of State Violence in El Salvador & Guatemala in Premier Álvarez Seminar

Professor Nolan detailed the nations’ struggle with state violence throughout the century and how U.S. fears of communism as well as subsequent funding for regional military governments contributed to the first large wave of emigrants from both countries, with many immigrating to the U.S.

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Brulé Examines How Climate Crises Alter Women’s Political Representation

“Not only can climate change induce migration, but, I argue, climate shocks…can also destabilize gendered social systems…initiate political transformations… [and[ compel women to mobilize—as representatives and their supporters—to redirect local and national political agendas to respond to the vulnerabilities exposed by climate shocks.”

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Nolan Awarded Russell Sage Foundation Grant to Support New Research

Professor Nolan’s forthcoming research will focus on three periods of deportation: “Operation Wetback” deportations to Mexico, Drug War-related deportations to the Dominican Republic, and the recent deportations of asylum-seekers to Guatemala and El Salvador.

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CSE Lecture Explores Faith-Based Responses to Migration Challenges

Global experts discuss the role of faith-based actors in the areas of forced migration and humanitarian issues, ways in which religion offers both motivation and resources to tackle these challenges, as well as how religion and politics intersect to address migrant crises. 

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