Garčević Interviewed on Role of Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro

In an interview with Voice of America Balkans Service (VOA), Ambassador Vesko Garčević, Professor of the Practice of International Relations at Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, discussed the influence of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in Montenegro’s political sphere and on the current government. In the article, titled “Vesko Garčević: Dvostruki, sve…

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Najam Delivers Oxford Lecture on Climate Change, Islam, and Muslim Societies

Based on the new research Najam has been conducting at Oxford as the Mahatir Mohamad Visiting Fellow, the talk reviewed what the role of religion in general and Islam, in particular, would be in Muslim societies in the “Age of Adaptation” where climate impacts have become a reality.

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Garčević Publishes Paper on Role of Serbian Orthodox Church in Western Balkans

While the political importance of the churches has noticeably decreased over time, in Orthodox countries such as those in the Western Balkans, the church remains a significant actor and is inextricably linked to both politics and state power. Garčević and Morrison explore why the SPC remains a potent force in public and political life today. 

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Hefner Attends International Conference on Islamic Law and Inclusive Citizenship

Professor Hefner argued that Indonesia, and NU specifically, has the potential to make enormous contributions to the global community; “it’s time for NU to rise to the international stage, speak out, and make such a positive contribution to solving political problems as well as intellectual and moral challenges faced by all humanity.”

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CSE Lecture Explores Faith-Based Responses to Migration Challenges

Global experts discuss the role of faith-based actors in the areas of forced migration and humanitarian issues, ways in which religion offers both motivation and resources to tackle these challenges, as well as how religion and politics intersect to address migrant crises. 

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