CISS is proud to recognize the achievements of those in the social science community at Boston University!

Deborah CarrDebby Carr (CISS director and CAS/Sociology) was an invited speaker at the Anti-Ageism Alliance, a global geriatric task force for older adults’ care. The purpose of the April 5-6 meeting in Italy was to develop the Florence Charter against Ageism, and other collaborative efforts to fight ageism worldwide.

Molly Richard (CISS Postdoctoral Associate) received the 2024 Newbrough Graduate Award via Vanderbilt University. The Newbrough Graduate Award honors the late Professor Emeritus Bob Newbrough, who helped found the Community Psychology and Transactional-Ecological Psychology graduate programs at Peabody College, and served as editor of the Journal of Community Psychology. The prize consists of $100 and special consideration for publication in the Journal of Community Psychology. Molly was selected on the basis of their dissertation: “Racialized Homelessness in the United States: Structural Causes and Community Response“.

Lily Belisle (CAS ’24/Sociology and WGS ; CISS Communications Manager) has accepted position as a Junior Research and Evaluation Analyst at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) in New York. She will join CASES after graduating BU in the spring. Congratulations, Lily!
Meghann Lucy (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate), a PhD candidate in sociology, has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice position at Truman State University. She will join their faculty in Fall ’24. Congratulations, Meghann!
The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future is pleased to announce its 2024 Faculty Research Fellows, with a total of five going to CISS Affailiates. With seed funding from the Pardee Center, the 12 new Faculty Research Fellows will launch one- to two-year interdisciplinary research projects. The projects were selected by an interdisciplinary committee of Pardee Center-affiliated faculty. Over the course of their projects, the Fellows will produce publications and lead Pardee Center-sponsored seminars, conferences, and workshops related to their research.The new CISS Affiliate Faculty Research Fellows and their projects include:

Sant’Egidio’s Role in Guatemala’s Peace Process: Prof. Rachel Nolan (Pardee School of Global Studies & CISS Affiliate)

The Future of Maritime Trade: Navigating Risk and Uncertainty: Prof. Rosella Cappella Zielinski (CAS, Political Science & CISS Affiliate), along with Prof. Kaija Schilde (Pardee School of Global Studies)

Eating to Change the World:
Prof. Benjamin Siegel (CAS, History & CISS Affiliate)

What Lies Beyond Built Infrastructure? Trauma-informed Planning (TIP) in Municipal and Regional Climate Recovery and Resilience:
Prof. Danielle Rousseau (MET, Criminal Justice & CISS Affiliate), along with Prof. Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz (MET, City Planning & Urban Affairs), and Prof. Luis E. Santiago (MET, City Planning & Urban Affairs)

Urban Violence and Resilience in the Americas: Bridging Transnational Research on Guns, Drugs, and Civic Engagement:
Prof. Ana Villarreal (CAS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate)


Merav Shohet (CAS, Anthropology, CISS Affiliate and director of undergraduate studies) has been awarded one of two of this year’s Academic Advising Awards. Every year, Boston University recognizes two exceptional undergraduate advisors with the Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards.

Five Boston University Sociology students presented posters of their senior thesis research at the Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting held in Washington DC on February 20 through March 3, 2024. Student presenters included:

  • “The Impossible Double Standard of Victim Legibility: “Perfect” Victimhood.” Lily Belisle (CAS ’24)
  • “Architectures of Sacred Secularity: Religious Heritage By The Bahá’í Faith.”, Elizabeth Kostina (CAS ’24)
  • “Which Teaching Strategies Are Perceived as Effective by College Students and Instructors in Inspiring In-Person STEM Class Engagement?” Jinxin Tian (CAS ’24). Jinxin also received a Best Student Poster prize. Congratulations!
  • “Unveiling Modern Femininity: Exploring the Intersection of Identity, Gender, and Neoliberalism in the #CleanGirlAesthetic.” Sofia Marin (CAS ’24)
  • “Change in Behavior Under China’s Zero-Covid-19 Policies.” Junchu Wu (CAS ’24)
Andrea M. Berlin (CAS, Archaeology and Religion) was selected by the Archaeological Institute of America as the 2025 recipient of the Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement. This award recognizes distinguished contributions to archaeology, primarily through research and/or fieldwork and is the highest honor the Institute bestows.
Fallou Ngom (CAS, Anthropology) received the 2024 Boston University Provost’s Scholar-Teacher of the Year Award. This award recognizes outstanding scholars who excel as teachers inside and outside the classroom and who contribute to the art and science of teaching and learning.
Joseph Harris (CISS affiliate and CAS/Sociology) was invited to participate in the Bridging the Gap 2024 International Policy Summer Institute (IPSI). Participants are fully funded at the week-long program. The IPSI curriculum features a series of interactive sessions with policymakers who are deeply engaged in the policymaking community, media experts, and the Bridging the Gap team. Through a mix of individual and collaborative activities, each participant will prepare and deliver short policy-focused products, such as a draft op-ed article or media interview. 
Leping WangLeping Wang (GRS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate) received a travel grant and was a funded participant in the Network for Innovative Methods in Longitudinal Aging Studies (NIMLAS) plenary meeting at the University of Michigan on January 26, 2024.
Joshua Goodman (CAS, Economics & SEC)  was named among the most influential 200 university-based scholars in educational policy and practice.
Linh Tô (CAS, Economics & CISS Affiliate) and Randall Ellis (CAS, Economics & CISS Affiliate) have been awarded a two-year grant from the Social Science Research Council to study biases in self-assessment that affect the success of women in academia.
Chris Schmitt (CAS, Anthropology & Biology) was awarded a Leaky Foundation Grant for his project, Fission-Fusion Dynamics in a High-Altitude Atelin Primate (Lagothrix flavicauda).
Bo Feng (GRS, Political Science & CISS Graduate Affiliate), a PhD candidate in political science, has received a Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant (DDRIG) from the American Political Science Association (APSA). The APSA DDRIG program provides support to enhance and improve the conduct of doctoral dissertation research in political science. Awards support basic research which is theoretically derived and empirically oriented. Bo will use his award to carry out his dissertation research “Strategic Allocation of Discretionary Power in Authoritarianism: Political Control, Politicians’ Preferences, and Policy Trade-offs in China.” 
Dilan ErenDilan Eren (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate), a PhD candidate in sociology, has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor of strategy position at Ivey Business School at Western University in Ontario. She will join their faculty in Fall ’24.
Kristen Tzoc (GRS, Sociology), a PhD candidate in sociology, has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor of sociology position at Hood College. in Maryland She will join their faculty in Fall ’24. 
Tatiana Padilla (CISS Postdoctoral Associate) directs the Immigration Raids research project. Kudos to her two undergraduate research assistants, who were granted UROP funds to support their work. Congratulations to Leqi “Sophie” Wang (CAS ’25; Economics and Mathematics) and Miguel Feliciano (CAS ’26, Political Science and Latin American Studies).
Deborah Carr (CAS, Sociology & CISS Director) was awarded funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for her project (with Lucie Kalousova, Vanderbilt University) “Informing Systems-Level Policy Solutions to Reduce Racial Disparities in the Quality of End-of-Life Experiences.”             
Steve Ramirez (CAS, Psychological & Brain Sciences) was named in the inaugural class of ALX100—100 Local LatinX Leaders Changing Massachusetts in 2023, by Amplify LatinX.
Robert Reinhart (CAS, Psychological & Brain Sciences) was awarded funding from the National Institutes of Health for his new project, “Personalized Synchronization of Cortical Rhythms to Improve Memory in Alzheimer’s Disease.”
Charles Chang (CAS, Linguistics & CISS Affiliate) was awarded the inaugural Anne Cutler International Visiting Fellowship by Western Sydney University, which will support research collaborations with The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development.
Charles Chang (CAS, Linguistics & CISS Affiliate) also received a Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 2024-25. The Humboldt Fellowship sponsors researchers with above-average qualifications from across the globe. The award will support his research on multilingual phonetics and phonology at the Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
Christine Slaughter (CAS, Political Science & CISS Affiliate) was awarded a Pipeline Grant from the Russell Sage Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for her project “‘Abandoned By Everyone Else’: Intergenerational Poverty and Black Political Engagement”. She will explore how persistent poverty shapes African Americans’ political engagement, including their perceptions of government effectiveness in redressing racial inequality. She will create an original database, conduct interviews, and analyze data from the National Voter File and the Panel Study of Income Dynamics for her study.
Ana Villarreal (CAS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate) received the Outstanding Contribution Award from the Sociology of Emotions section of the American Sociological Association for her article  “The Logistics of Fear: Violence and the Stratifying Power of Emotion” published in Emotions & Society. The award is given for distinguished scholarship in the form of an article that makes a significant empirical or theoretical contribution to the sociological understanding of emotions. She received her award at the August 2023 annual meetings of the ASA.
Leping WangLeping Wang (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate) has been accepted as a funded participant in the Collaborative for Innovation in Data & Measurement in Aging (CIDMA) Institute at the University of Chicago. She will attend a two-day workshop in September 2023  to identify ongoing challenges in data collection and measurement in longitudinal studies on aging and brainstorm potential innovations to address these challenges.
Benjamin Sovacool (CAS, Earth & Environment & CISS Affiliate) and professor Ayse Coskun (ENG, Electrical & Computer Engineering and director of the BU Center for Information Systems & Engineering) were awarded more than $1.1 million by the Research Council of Norway study the role of digital transformation in Norway’s shift to clean energy, with a focus on its growing data center industry.  The team is jointly led by researchers at BU and the Norwegian University of Science & Technology.
Tom Sojka (GRS, History) received a North American Conference on British Studies-Gale Digital Scholar Lab Fellowship. This award is designed to support research and projects that utilize Gale Primary Sources, such as Gale’s British Library Newspaper series. 
Daniele Paserman (CAS, Economics) has been named President of the Society of the Economics of the Household. Household economics is defined as the economic analysis of household decisions, including decisions regarding consumption, labor supply and other uses of time, household formation and dissolution, demand for health and other forms of human capital, fertility and investment in children’s human capital, demand for environmental and other public goods, migration, demand for religiosity, and decisions by agricultural households.
Linh Tô (CAS, Economics & CISS Graduate Affiliate), Randall Ellis (CAS, Economics & CISS Affiliate) and Patricia Cortes (QST, Markets, Public Policy & Law) have received a $200,000 grant from the Social Science Research Council and the AEA Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession, for their project “Systemic Bias Self-Assessment Survey: A nudge to reduce sexism, racism, and nationality bias in US economics departments.” Learn more in our September 2023 Digest!
Amy Yao (SSW) was awarded a 2023 Horowitz Foundation research grant for her research in Food Insecurity and Mental Health among Urban Women, and the Effects of Policy Changes during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy selected twenty-five scholars to receive research grants in the social sciences for the 2022 award year. The twenty-five recipients this year represent less than 5 percent of those who applied.
Kevin Lang (CAS, Economics & CISS Affiliate) was named to the Massachusetts Advisory Council for the Advancement of Representation in Education. The council is a new state initiative formed in anticipation of the recent Supreme Court decision on race-conscious college admission programs.
Sabrina Abreu (CAS, 23; GRS, ’23), who recently completed the joint BA in Political Science and MA in Political Science and Government, has become the first student from Boston University to receive the prestigious FAO Schwarz Fellowship in social impact. the Fellowship selects seven recent college graduates who have demonstrated an interest in the world of equity and social impact for paid, two-year positions at leading nonprofit host organizations. With host organizations located in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia, the program is designed to foster the Fellows’ interests in becoming equity and social impact leaders.
Katherine Levine Einstein (CAS, Political Science & CISS Affiliate), David Glick (CAS, Political Science), and Maxwell Palmer (CAS, Political Science & CISS Affiliate) have received the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) Open Door Champion Award for their research on the local politics of housing. Einstein, Glick, and Palmer published a peer-reviewed article and book, Neighborhood Defenders: Participatory Politics and America’s Housing Crisis, in 2019, which exposed the deep inequities in America’s housing permitting process. Part of their research involved investigating sentiments about housing development in Boston.
Margarita Guillory (CAS, Religion & CISS Affiliate) and Daniel Abramson (CAS, History of Art and Architecture) have been named as Associate Directors of the BU Center for the Humanities (BUCH). Professor Guillory will begin the summer of 2023, while Professor Abranmson will join in his new role in the fall of 2024. Guillory brings to BUCH a special interest in Digital innovation and culture, and a tremendous breadth of interdisciplinarity and vision.
Luke Glowacki (CAS, Anthropology & CISS Affiliate) has been awarded the 2023 Margo Wilson Award for best paper published in the Journal Evolution and Human Behavior in 2022. His article, entitled “Human social organization during the Late Pleistocene: Beyond the nomadic-egalitarian model. Evolution and Human Behavior”, was a collaboration with Manvir Singh (Pennsylvania State University).
Juan Ortner (CAS, Economics & CISS Affiliate) has been awarded a Jerry S. Cohen Award for Antitrust Scholarship for the Best Antitrust Article in 2022 on Collusion in Auctions. His article, entitled “Robust Screens for Non-Competitive Bidding in Procurement Auctions” appeared in Econometrica and is joint with Sylvain Chassang, Kei Kawai and Jun Nakabayashi.
The Boston University Initiative on Cities (IOC) named Assistant Professor Benjamin Marx (CAS, Economics) as one of the recipients of the ninth annual request for proposals for early stage urban research. These seed grants support early stage academic research endeavors focused on urban challenges and urban populations, both domestic and global. Marx’s project is titled “Understanding Long-Term Mobility in Nairobi’s Slums.”
Meghann Lucy (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate) was elected as student representative to the council of American Sociological Association’s  Consumers & Consumption section.
Congratulations to CISS 2020-21 Research Intern Rebecca Anne Kielar (CAS, ’23) who was awarded a 2023 College Prize recognizing members of the Class of 2023 who have made extraordinary contributions to their departments and programs.
Department Administrator, Cady Steinberg (CAS, History), was awarded the 2023 Staff Recipient Susan K. Jackson Award for dedication to helping others and nurturing community in CAS. The Susan K. Jackson Award honors the late Susan K. Jackson, who served as a professor and administrator in the College for over 30 years. Cady, a dedicated member of the History Department for five years, has expertly balanced her roles as an administrator facilitating processes critical to College operations and as someone who readily provides her expertise, resources, and time to ensure our community is well-informed and well-connected.
Merav Shohet (CAS, Anthropology & CISS Affiliate) was awarded a Stirling Book Prize for books published in 2021 & 2022 from the Society for Psychological Anthropology for her book Silence and Sacrifice: Family Stories of Care and the Limits of Love in Vietnam. The Stirling Award is awarded to a previously published work (article or book, in alternate years) that makes an outstanding contribution to any area of psychological anthropology.
Part-Time Lecturer, Lara Saipe Durgavich (CAS, Anthropology), was honored for her contributions to the educational mission of the College with a 2023 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching. Widely acknowledged as a brilliant and creative teacher, Dr. Durgavich has contributed enormously to the teaching mission of the Department of Anthropology. Particularly noteworthy are her efforts to introduce creative pedagogical innovations, some of which her colleagues have since embraced.
Merav Shohet (CAS, Anthropology & CISS Affiliate) received a 2023 Templeton Award for Excellence in Student Advising. Student nominated, Templeton Awards recognize effective “advising” is not limited to just the formal role of an academic advisor. The College emphasized the value of mentorship when soliciting nominations for the advising awards from the class of 2023. Congratulations to Professor Shohet!
Meghann Lucy (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate) received the 2023 Student Paper Award from the American Sociological Association’s  Consumers & Consumption section for her paper “Divestment as Investment: ‘Kondo-ing’ Selves in the Context of Overaccumulation.” Read her prize-winning paper in the Journal of Consumer Culture!
BU’s Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future has named their 2023 Graduate Summer Fellows, including two CISS Graduate Student Affiliates:Elinore Avni (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate) will study the ways in which older adults and children — two dependent population groups — are perceived and taken care of in different countries. She will explore how various factors, such as national context, religious affiliation, age, and gender, shape attitudes toward the provision of eldercare and childcare. Starting May 30, the Graduate Summer Fellows will spend 10 weeks developing research papers to be considered for publication as part of the Pardee Center’s publication series.
Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in Southwest China, Xuyi Zhao (GRS, Anthropology & CISS Graduate Affiliate)  will study urban governance and precarious placemaking during the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting May 30, the Graduate Summer Fellows will spend 10 weeks developing research papers to be considered for publication as part of the Pardee Center’s publication series. 
Associate Professor Cati Connell‘s (CAS, Sociology) new book, A Few Good Gays, was awarded the Outstanding Book Award for 2023 by the Society for the Study of Social Problems Division of Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities.
Professor and chair of economics, Marc Rysman (CAS, Economics & CISS Affiliate), has been named a Fellow of the Thurman Arnold Project. The project brings together Yale faculty, students, and scholars from other institutions to collaborate on research related to competition and competition policy as well as antitrust enforcement. The goal of the project is to generate discipline-based, rigorous scholarship and disseminate it through multiple channels to impact competition enforcement and policy around the world.
Associate Professor, Joanna Davidson (CAS, Sociology & CISS Steering Committee Member), was awarded the Boston University Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching. The Metcalf Awards were established in 1973 by a gift from the late alumnus and Boston University Trustee, Dr. Arthur G. B. Metcalf, to create “a systematic procedure for the review of the quality of teaching at Boston University and the identification and advancement of those members of the faculty who excel as teachers.” Congratulations to Joanna, who will be honored at Boston University Commencement!
Leping WangCongratulations to student  Leping Wang (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate) who has been named as the Sociology Department Outstanding Teaching Fellow for the 2022-2023 academic year, an award given by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Leping has demonstrated superb skill, enthusiasm and dedication in her role as a Teaching Fellow this academic year, and contributed to a culture of continued learning and student success in the College of Arts and Sciences.
Congratulations to Neha Gondal (CAS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate) on receiving the Boston University’s 2023 College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Education! Dr. Gondal is an assistant professor of sociology and founding member of the Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences. Each year, CAS honors our best educators with a range of teaching awards. These prizes are awarded annually to members of the CAS faculty who exemplify deep and broad commitment, skill, effectiveness, impact, and leadership in teaching. Neha will be honored at the May 10, 2023 CAS Faculty Meeting for her exceptional work.
Assistant Professor, Matt Motta (SPH, Health Law, Policy & Management & CISS Affiliate), won the World Association for Public Opinion Research’s Robert M. Worcester Prize, along with Kristin Lunz Trujillo, for best article published in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research. The article examined how Internet access facilitates cross-national vaccine hesitancy.
Nikki Huang (CAS, ’23), a former CISS undergraduate intern, has won a Michael A. Sassano III and Christopher M. Sassano Award for Writing Excellence in the Social Sciences for her Sociology Honors thesis, “Going Global: The Filipino Elite and US Higher Education.” The Michael A. Sassano III Award for Writing Excellence in the Social Sciences recognizes her achievement with a $500 prize and will be spotlighted at the CAS Awards and Recognition Ceremony (on Friday, May 19th at 2 p.m. in the Tsai Performance Center).  Nikki completed this paper as her honor’s thesis in Sociology, under the mentorship of sociology professor Ashley Mears, alongside Questrom faculty member Siobhan O’Mahoney who also advised her. The sociology honors program was led by CISS affiliates Max Greenberg and Heather Schoenfeld.  Nikki also received mentorship from sociology graduate students. Gokhan Mulayim, Sara Snitselaar, and Leping Wang.
Jonathan Mijs (CAS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate) has received a major grant from the Volkswagen Foundation for a 4-year international research project, WealthTalks: The (re-)production of wealth inequality in everyday talk. Jonathan will conduct the study with colleagues at the Freie Universitat Berlin, the London School of Economics, the University of Rio de Janeiro and the University of Cape Town.  Together, they will advance our understanding of the production and reproduction of wealth by examining how ordinary citizens discuss wealth and inequality in everyday conversations.
Max GreenbergMax Greenberg (CAS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate) has received a CAS Professional Development Leave for Fall 2023.  Max will work to develop the infrastructure for the Sociology Department to engage with and learn from the field of social change in the Boston area.  He hopes to develop new pathways by which our students can learn from local organizations and initiatives.
Susan Eckstein (CAS, Sociology & International Relations) has been awarded the Latin American Studies Association Lifetime Achievement Award. The award committee concluded that Dr. Eckstein richly deserves this lifetime career recognition, on the grounds of prolific, high-quality, interdisciplinary scholarship, truly exceptional service to LASA, and broader service to the profession. You can read more about the award and Dr. Eckstein’s terrific accomplishments on the Latin American Studies Association website.
Nazli Kibria (CAS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate) is receiving the Merit Award at this year’s Eastern Sociological Society Conference. The ESS Merit Award recognizes an ESS member’s exceptional achievement and a lifetime of scholarly contribution to the discipline and profession of sociology.  Congrats Nazli!
Jon Shaffer (GRS, ’22) has accepted an offer to become a tenure-track assistant professor of sociology at University of Vermont in Fall 2023. Jon is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Global Infectious Disease Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University Berman Institute of Bioethics. His dissertation compared “model demonstration projects” in Norway and Sierra Leone as sites of global public health science.
Ben Kampler (GRS, Sociology) has accepted an offer to become a tenure track assistant professor of sociology at Kalamazoo College in Fall 2023.  His dissertation examines negative reactions to PrEP (a once-a-day HIV prevention pill regimen) among some gay men.
Linh Tô (GRS, Economics) has been awarded a three-year grant ($417, 950) from the W. T. Grant Foundation for the project  “Identifying Pathways to Employment for College Students.”  Along with her collaborators Neil Thakral (Brown University) and  Lisa Abraham (RAND Corp), she will address the question:  Does increased engagement with university career centers improve labor market outcomes among first-generation or students from low-income families attending elite universities? To learn more and see the abstract for the award, click here.
Professor Fallou Ngom (CAS, Anthropology) was awarded $129,837 (£107,920) by the British Library for his project titled “Digital Preservation of Fuuta Jalon Scholars’ Arabic and Ajami Materials in Senegal and Guinea.” The project will digitally preserve 50,000 pages of endangered Arabic and Ajami manuscripts (texts written with the modified Arabic script) produced by scholars from West Africa who lived between the 18th and early 20th century. The archives to be preserved in this project between May 2022 and May 2025 will be the largest digital records of such materials in the world. The archives will enhance scholars’ understanding of how some enslaved Africans were educated and acquired Arabic and Ajami literacy skills before their captivity in the Americas.
Merav Shohet (CAS, Anthropology & CISS Affiliate) was awarded the Carole H. Browner Society for Medical Anthropology Undergraduate Mentorship Award at the American Anthropological Association meeting on November 11. The Carole H. Browner Undergraduate Student Mentor Award recognizes excellence in undergraduate student mentorship in medical anthropology and is aimed at scholars who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to teaching and mentorship throughout their careers, particularly those who have taken the time to successfully guide their undergraduate students through research, writing, and professionalization, thereby positioning them for their post-graduate careers.
Jessica Simes (CAS, Sociology & CISS Affiliate) has been selected for a National Science Foundation CAREER Award. The NSF’s Faculty Early Career Development Program provides five years of funding to support an integrated research and teaching program. Jessica’s grant, “CAREER: Mass Incarceration, Residential Segregation, and Spillover Effects in U.S. Communities,” will support research and educational activities deploying data science and computational methods to study mass incarceration’s community-level effects on political participation and health disparities. The project also will establish an open criminal justice data project, to be used for both teaching and community-engaged research.
Charles Chang (CAS, Linguistics & CISS Affiliate) was named a Fellow of the Psychonomic Society. Fellows are society members who “demonstrate clear evidence of independent scholarship, active engagement in methodologically rigorous and theoretically interesting high level research, and indications of an imminent national/international reputation for excellence in the psychological sciences.”
Robert (Bob) Hefner (CAS, Anthropology) attended the G20 Religion Forum (R20) in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.  The Religion 20 Forum was a special sub-meeting within the general G20 forum, announced as an “International Summit of Religious Leaders” and entitled, “Revealing Nurturing Religion as a Source of Global Solutions: An International Movement for Shared Moral and Spiritual Values.”   The forum brought together some 220 religious leaders and policy analysts from all faith traditions and more than sixty countries.  Hefner attended at the official invitation of KH Yahya Cholil Staquf, the executive director of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU).  With the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, NU was the host and organizer of the R20.  Hefner participated in the plenary sessions drafting R20 documents.  On the last night of the conference, he also gave the keynote dinner presentation on, “Indonesia, the R20, and the Role of Religion in Global Well-being.
Rui Hua (CAS, History) was awarded the East Asia Studies Career Development Professorship. The East Asia Studies Career Development Professorship, supported by a BU alumnus based in Taiwan, recognizes assistant professors in the College of Arts & Sciences, the Pardee School of Global Studies, the College of Communication, the College of Fine Arts, and the Questrom School of Business whose research is specific to East Asia, particularly China and Taiwan. A historian of modern China and Japan, Rui Hua studies the origins of the modern legal system in 20th century China, focusing on the role of peasants and migrants in the codification of rules, rights, and regulations, with particular emphasis on debates over land use and property rights. He holds a PhD and master’s in history and East Asian languages from Harvard University, a master’s in history from the University of British Columbia, and a bachelor’s in history from Peking University.
Christine Slaughter (CAS, Political Science & CISS Affiliate) was awarded the Moorman-Simon Interdisciplinary Career Development Professorship. The Moorman-Simon Interdisciplinary Career Development Professorship recognizes a faculty member who is conducting truly interdisciplinary work and either holds or has the potential to hold appointments in multiple schools and colleges at BU.Christine Slaughter examines African American political participation in the United States utilizing approaches from political science, psychology, and public health to better understand how economic inequality, gender, and resilience influence the frequency and substance of black political engagement and behavior. She received her PhD and master’s in political science from the University of California, Los Angeles and her bachelor’s in political science and comparative women’s studies from Spelman College.
Elinore AvniElinore Avni (GRS, Sociology & CISS Graduate Affiliate) received a Student Travel Award from the Gerontological Society of America. She will present her CISS-supported project, “Cross-National Differences in Attitudes Towards Governmental Support for Elder and Child Carework” at the November 2022 annual meetings of the GSA.
Linh Tô (GRS, Economics) has been awarded a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation titled “Labor Market and Public Policy Preferences.” The proposed research develops a portable, scalable, and computationally feasible dynamic preference elicitation method called the Bayesian Adaptive Choice Experiment (BACE). BACE substantially improves upon widely used existing preference elicitation approaches that feature prominently in policy analysis, regulation, and litigation. The method is immediately applied to address fundamental and policy-relevant questions. To learn more and see the abstract for the award, visit the NSF website.
Michele Anteby (Questrom, Management & Organizations) received the ASQ Award for Scholarly Contribution, which highlights work that has had the greatest influence on the field of organizational studies. Anteby, and coauthor Curtis Chan, won the award for their paper, “Task Segregation as a Mechanisms for Within-Job Inequality: Women and Men of the Transportation Security Administration.” For more information, find the official notice.
Catherine WestCatherine West (CAS, Anthropology and Archaeology) received a grant entitled “Historical Ecology of the Pacific Cod Fishery” from NSF’s Navigating the New Arctic division. This project forms an interdisciplinary research group that will address the role of archaeology, paleoclimatology, and local ecological knowledge in contemporary fisheries management. For more information on this grant and West’s project, visit the CISS article.
Japonica Brown-SaracinoJaponica Brown Saracino (CAS, Chair of Sociology & CISS affiliate) was elected to the Sociological Research Association. The highly selective 400-person society of sociological scholars was founded in 1936 and annually elects up to 14 new members. The honor recognizes those selected as being the most successful researchers in their field.
Luke GlowackiLuke Glowacki (CAS, Anthropology) has received a grant for $447,000 from the Human Networks and Data Science Program of the NSF. The project will study the formation and function of social relationships between members of culturally distinct groups in Ethiopia.
Christopher Robertson (LAW) has been named the new Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives at the Law School. In this position, he will work with faculty and staff to advance the collective vision in LAW and assist the dean in managing projects to further strategic priorities.
Loretta LeesLoretta Lees (CAS, Sociology), incoming professor and faculty director of IOC, was honored with a membership in Academia Europaea. Academia Europaea is a European, non-governmental association that works to sustain “academic excellence,” with an invitation-only peer-review selection process.
Dilan ErenDilan Eren (GRS, Sociology) was awarded one of the American Sociological Society Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (ASA DDRIG). The dissertation is titled, “The Self-Taught Economy: Open Access and Inclusion in the Tech Industry.” For more information on Eren’s research, see the ASA award page.
Meghann Lucy (GRS, Sociology) won the Outstanding Teaching Assistant in Sociology Award for 2021-2022.
Gokhan Mulayim (GRS, Sociology) has been elected as a student representative to the American Sociological Economic Sociology Section Council. This section of the ASA promotes the study of production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of scarce goods and services.
Kimberly RhotenKimberly Rhoten (CAS, Sociology) has been awarded the Initiative on Cities Early Stage Urban Research Grant ($10k) for their research on pretrial detention. Rhoten is working with co-PI Jessica Simes to conduct a qualitative study of pretrial detainees’ and sentenced inmates’ experiences of incarceration at two local correctional facilities, comparing the differences and similarities in their experiences within incarceration as well as their planning efforts for release and reentry. To learn more about this project, see the Initiative on Cities website here.
Jessica Simes’s (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate) book, Punishing Places (University of California Press, 2021), is co-winner of the 2022 Robert E. Park Book Award from the Community and Urban Sociology Section of the ASA.
Ashley Mears’s (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate) Very Important People (Princeton University Press, 2021) has been selected as Honorable Mention for the 2022 ASA Sociology of Consumers and Consumption Scholarly Publication Award.
Japonica Brown-Saracino’s (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate) article, “The Afterlife of Identity Politics: Gentrification, Critical Nostalgia, and the Commemoration of Lost Dyke Bars” (AJS, 2021), received honorable mention for the Jane Addams Best Article Award from the Community and Urban Sociology Section. Brown-Saracino is professor of sociology and chair of the sociology department.
Heather Schoenfeld (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate) was elected to the Council of the Crime, Law, and Deviance Section of the American Sociological Association.
Celeste Curington (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate), who joins the BU sociology department in Fall 2022, received an Honorable Mention, 2022 William J. Goode Book Award, for her co-authored book The Dating Divide (University of California Press, 2021). The Award is bestowed by the Family section of the American Sociological Association.
Max Greenberg (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate) was promoted to Senior Lecturer. Professor Greenberg researches and teaches in the areas of political sociology, youth and families, and gender.
Joseph Harris (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate) has been elected as Nominations Committee Chair-Elect for the American Sociological Society’s Medical Sociology Section.
Debby CarrDeborah Carr (CAS, Sociology & CISS director) has received the 2022 Matilda White Riley Distinguished Scholar Award from the Section on Aging & the Life Course of the American Sociological Association (ASA). This annual award honors a scholar in the field of aging and the life course who has shown exceptional achievement in research, theory, policy analysis, or who has otherwise advanced knowledge of aging and the life course. She will receive the award at the 2022 ASA annual meeting and deliver the award lecture at the 2023 annual meeting.
Sociology undergraduate honors student Kelsey Brown (CAS, ’22) is the co-winner of the 2022 Sarah Joanne Davis Scholarship Award competition. The award is given each year to a Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies minor who has made a significant contribution by either writing a paper in one of their WGS courses, or to their community through activism, leadership, artistic creation, publication, political engagement, or other initiatives.
Professor Fallou Ngom (CAS, Anthropology) gave the keynote speech at the Annual Conference of the African Language Teachers Association (ALTA) held at Michigan State University last month. The speech was titled “African Languages as Pathways into African Knowledge Systems.”
Professor Pankaj Tandon (CAS, Economics) was elected Secretary-General of the Oriental Numismatic Society, a London-based international organization dedicated to the study of coins, banknotes and medals from Asia and the Islamic world.
William E. Huntington Professor of History and Director of the Institute for American Political History, Bruce Schulman (CAS, History) will serve as the Harold V. Harmsworth Distinguished Visiting Professor at Oxford University for the 2022-2023 academic year. He studies the history of the modern United States, particularly on the relationships between politics and broader cultural change.
BU’s  History department students have received Fulbright Awards for the coming academic year! Claire Devlin (CAS, ’22), a graduating senior, will study at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and alumna Anna Stroinski (CAS, ’19) will study at Durham University in England.
Kudos to Catherine West (CAS, Anthropology and Archeology & CISS Affiliate) and her Zooarchaeology students. The Alutiiq Museum produced their Ancestral Alutiiq Foods Project poster, and it was featured in the Kodiak Daily Mirror. The beautiful poster was created by by Alutiiq artist Lena Amason.
Sociology major Jonas Harper (CAS, ’22) received the Male Unsung Hero Award at the recent BU Student-Athlete Awards ceremony. A leader on and off the court for men’s basketball, Harper has now been voted the athletic department’s unsung hero in back-to-back years.
Incoming IOC Faculty Director, Loretta Lees (CAS, Sociology) has been selected as the recipient of the 2022 Marilyn J. Gittell Activist Scholar Award. This award was established to highlight field-based urban scholarship and promote the dissemination of work by activist urban scholars. The award seeks to honor the contributions of a scholar whose research record shows a direct relationship between activism, scholarship, and engagement with community(ies).
Kayam Karnawat (CAS, ’21), the recipient of a 2021 Promise Grant from the BU sociology department, will be joining the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as an analyst working toward reliable and equitable energy access for all consumers. Karnawat was an Economics major and joint minor in Sociology and Environmental Policy Analysis, and he will receive his MS in Energy & Environment in May 2022.
Professor Emerita of Sociology of Religion, Nancy T. Ammerman published Studying Lived Religion (NYU Press, 2022). In this book, Ammerman examines religious practices in places of worship and in everyday life. She works to define a lived religion, providing a sociological lense and analysis framework. Ammerman will be hosting a book launch event at Boston University on April 27, 2022 at 4:00pm at 213 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215. More information on the event can be found here.
Adrianna Spindle-Jackson (SSW), a doctoral candidate at the School of Social Work, represented Boston University social scientists at  Social Science Advocacy Day in March 2022. Adrianna was featured in an April 2022 COSSA report on the purpose and impacts of Advocacy Day.
Virginia Sapiro (CAS, Dean Emerita and Professor Emerita, Political Science) delivered the 2022 Harrington Public Affairs Lecture at Clark University on  April 5, 2022. Her lecture was entitled “American Universities and Their Local Communities Through History.” Dr. Shapiro will deliver the keynote address at the Annual Meeting of the New England Transfer Association on April 22. Her address focuses on “The Life Course of Colleges and Universities over History: From Birth to Death.”
Dhruv Kapadia (CAS, ’24), a political science and economics double major, has been elected BU Student Government President. His platform centers around engaging with the city of Boston, empowering marginalized students, and prioritizing environmental sustainability. Learn more about Dhruv and his vision for BU in this BU Today article.
Doctoral candidates Claudia Diezmartinez (GRS, Earth & Environment) Kimberly Rhoten (GRS, Sociology) have been named 2022 Rappaport Fellows at the Harvard Kennedy School. The Rappaport Public Policy Fellowship gives talented young graduate students throughout Greater Boston the opportunity to help public officials address key problems and, in doing so, learn how public policy is created and implemented.
Kudos to the BU Sociology Ph.D. candidates who have recently accepted new positions! In September 2022, Heather Mooney will start her position as a tenure-track assistant professor in the department of criminal justice and homeland security studies at Cazenovia CollegeJon Shaffer  has been awarded a two-year Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ethics and Infectious Disease by the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities at the University of Oxford. His fellowship will start in September 2022.
Charley Binkow (GRS, History) was awarded the BU Center of the Humanities Dissertation Fellowship. His dissertation focuses on the criminalization of abortion in the mid-nineteenth century in America.
Heather Schoenfeld (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate) and Adrianna Spindle-Jackson (SSW), a doctoral candidate at the School of Social Work, represented Boston University at COSSA’s Social Science Advocacy Day on March 29, 2022. This annual event brings together social scientists and other science advocates from across the country to engage with policymakers. COSSA (Consortium of Social Science Associations) is a nonprofit advocacy organization working to promote and advance the social and behavioral sciences in federal policymaking.
Donna Pincus (CAS, Psychological & Brain Sciences) received an inaugural University-Community Partnerships Grant through the Institute for Early Childhood Well-Being (IECWB) for her collaborative project with Wheelock College associate professor Jennifer Green. Their project “Expanding Access to Evidence Based Preventive Care for Managing Early Childhood Stress: Development of a Brief, Interactive Tool for Early Childhood Educators” will engage Boston Public Schools.
Kudos to Nancy Geourntas (Executive Assistant to the CAS Dean) and Caitlin Steinberg (Department Administrator, History) on 10 years of service at BU. Congratulations to Geri Wilson (Business Administrator, Psychological & Brain Sciences), Joel Sparks (Laboratory Manager, Earth & Environment), Timothy Brown (Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences), and Hsueh-Ling Huynh (master lecturer and director of master’s programs, economics) on 25 years of service to BU.
Deborah Carr (CAS, Sociology & CISS director) has been named editor-in-chief of Journal of Health and Social Behavior (2023-25) , a flagship journal of the American Sociological Association. The BU editorial team will start accepting manuscripts on July 1, 2022.
Joseph Harris (CAS, Sociology & CISS affiliate), was elected Vice Chair of the International Studies Association’s Global Health Section, one of the largest and most vibrant interdisciplinary research communities on global health in the world.