The Center for Innovation in Social Science (CISS) holds events throughout the year. On this page, you will find recordings of previously held events.

CISS and BU Spark! Information Session for Applications for Data Science & Computational Support for Social Scientists

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) has generously provided funds to support an experiential learning initiative for undergraduate students to apply data science and computational skills to studying and building solutions to social problems. The Center for Innovation in Social Science (CISS) will partner with BU Spark! to match 3-5 faculty research projects with undergraduate technical teams who will apply data science and computational skills to the project. CISS and BU Spark! will provide a shared cohort experience and technical mentoring for the interns. The undergraduate Spark! teams will carry out the faculty research and participate in the mentored program between January through August 2023 (Spring and Summer ‘23 terms). Faculty applicants should specify whether they are seeking a student team for Spring ‘23, Summer ‘23, or both). CISS director Deborah Carr and BU Spark! Director Ziba Cranmer hosted an informational and Q&A session on Thursday, November 17 from 4-5 pm. In the info session, they provided examples of the types of projects that social scientists bring to BU Spark!, the specific tasks carried out by student teams, and suggestions on how to structure a successful application. The session featured remarks from Thao P. Nguyen, a PhD candidate in Sociology, CISS graduate affiliate, and  UX Design Program Manager at BU Spark! Potential applicants who would like to consult with a BU Spark! representative about their project and its feasibility are invited to reach out to Associate Program Manager (Savannah Majarwitz) at To learn more about BU Spark!, click here. The PowerPoint slides can be found below. If you would like access to the recording, please email

download the PowerPoint slides here

From Half-Baked Idea to Publication – Launching & Structuring Academic Research Papers with Dr. Benjamin Sovacool

Every research publication started as a vague idea, which was refined and reformulated as the research evolved. How do scholars come up with innovative topics for their research? How do they navigate requirements for novelty in their idea, rigor in their techniques, and sound writing style? And how do these ideas get translated into feasible studies that can be carried out within a reasonable time frame? How can emerging scholars gauge whether their paper is publishable? On Thursday, October 20, CISS hosted prolific scholar Benjamin Sovacool (CAS Earth & Environment, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy), who led a presentation and discussion about ways to conceive, design, and execute research, move the project to publication, and even achieve impact after it is published.

view the zoom recording here

CISS Promoting and Publicizing Your Work

Social science research has the power to influence social policy, improve human lives, and contribute to public good. Yet, research findings that are buried in academic journals often fail to receive the visibility they deserve.  On Monday, October 3rd the Center hosted a workshop where attendees could learn from BU experts how to use tools like Twitter, Reddit, op-ed sites like The Conversation, online publications like The Brink, and relationships with reporters to amplify the impact of your work. Panelists will include experts from CAS and BU Public Relations and Communications offices. Panelists include Lily Belisle, CISS Communications Intern, Sydney Gross, CAS Associate Dean of Communications, Katherine Gianni, Digital Communication & Public Relations Associate, and Andrew Thurston, Editor, The Brink. 

view the zoom recording here