About the Center

The Center was established in September 2021, with the mission of advancing a vibrant social science community, encompassing research, training, and public engagement among social scientists across disciplines and schools at BU. The Center will catalyze and support innovative social science research and practice, with the ultimate goal of informing urgent social issues on a national and global scale and understanding their historical roots, especially social justice and inclusion, inequality, and sustainability. With a core commitment to evidence-based research, the Center will affirm the tools employed by social scientists, including but not limited to ethnographic, observational, statistical, and historical approaches, and simultaneously strengthen the integration of data science and/or digital scholarship with the social sciences at BU. The Center is housed within the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), and its mission focuses on five domains: research infrastructure and support; community engagement; faculty development; undergraduate research and skill-building training; and graduate research training and skill-building training.

The Center strives to build productive alliances with other programs at BU, bringing together partners to build multidisciplinary research and teaching collaborations. CISS aims to celebrate the milestones of members of BU’s social science community, by sharing their latest publications, achievements, and media attention. Please share your latest news with us by visiting our contact us page.

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