The Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program at Boston University announces the annual Sarah Joanne Davis Scholarship Award competition. This award will be given to a Women’s,. Gender, & Sexuality Studies minor who has made a significant contribution by either writing a paper (10-15 pages, double spaced) in one of their WGS courses, or to their community through activism, leadership, artistic creation, publication, political engagement, or other initiatives. Submit your WGS course paper, or your project, including artworks, publications, letters, etc.

Please note: Only declared Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Minors are eligible for the award. For further information email


2022-2023 Sarah Joanne Davis Scholarship Recipients

Tia Perkins: “Sexual Health Zine”

Nicholas Lyons: “Size Matters – And Color, Too! Considering The Polka Dot Sock for Packing as a Garment for Non-Binary Gender Affirmation and Artifact of Trans* History”

List of all SJD Scholars