Meghann M. Lucy

Graduate Alumni


Meghann is a PhD candidate in sociology at Boston University. Her interests are in the sociology of health and medicine, consumption, deviance and social control, housing, and how these intersect. In her dissertation, Meghann uses administrative data analysis, ethnography, and interviews to examine the medicalization of deviant overaccumulation—that is, hoarding—and how local city-level actors define, manage, and “treat” or sanction hoarding in their communities.

Additional recent work explores the relationship between computer use for leisure and physical activity, changes in how drug use is discussed in obituaries related to off-time deaths in West Virginia over the course of the opioid crisis, and the meanings of clutter and role of object divestment in constructions of the contemporary self.

Meghann is currently the editorial assistant for the Journal of Health and Social Behavior and is a CORE Curriculum Writing Fellow at Boston University. Her work has won the 2023 ASA Sociology of Consumers & Consumption Graduate Student Paper Award and is published in the Journal of Consumer Culture and Contexts, among other venues. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Wyoming and a M.A. in Liberal Studies: American Studies from The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Curriculum Vitae