Nancy T. Ammerman

Professor Emerita


Nancy T. Ammerman is Professor Emerita of Sociology of Religion, having served as Chair of the Department (2007-2013) and Associate Dean for the Social Sciences (2015-2018).

Her most recent research – published in her edited 2006 book Everyday Religion: Observing Modern Religious Lives (Oxford University Press) and her 2013 book, Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes: Finding Religion in Everyday Life, (Oxford University Press) — explored the ways religion and spirituality are part of the everyday world of work, home, health, and public life. Following on that research, she has articulated an invitation to “re-think religion” based on sociological theories of practice and a body of research on “lived religion” (American Journal of Sociology 126(1), July 2020). Pulling all of this together is her book Studying Lived Religion: Contexts and Practices, which was published by NYU Press in 2021.

Dr. Ammerman’s previous research focused on conservative religious movements and on American religious organizations and their networks of social provision.

Along with Grace Davie, she was Coordinating Lead Author for “Religions and Social Progress: Critical Assessments and Creative Partnerships” in the Report of the International Panel for Social Progress (Cambridge University Press 2018).

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