Timothy A. Brown


  • Title Professor
  • Education PsyD, Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology

Director of Research and Research Administration: Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders

Author: Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Applied Research

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Dr. Brown received his PsyD from the Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology. Dr. Brown teaches the first and second required multivariate statistics courses (Psych 711: multiple and logistic regression, survival analysis, multilevel models; Psych 712: statistical analysis with latent variables including structural equation and latent growth models). Dr. Brown is the Associate Editor of Journal of Abnormal Psychology, and is on several editorial boards including Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Behaviour Research and Therapy, and Behavior Therapy.

Research Interests

  • Relation of temperament, personality, and the psychopathology of anxiety/mood disorders
  • Environmental and genetic risk factors for the etiology and course of anxiety/mood disorders
  • Classification of anxiety and mood disorders
  • Statistical analysis (e.g., latent variable modeling), research methodology, psychometrics
  • Experimental psychopathology research on conceptual models of anxiety/mood disorders

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