Award for Writing Excellence in the Humanities in Honor of Robert E. Charm
David Winner, Russian
“Discourse as Disease in Dostoevsky, or Why We Can’t Shut Up” (Prof. Yuri Corrigan, World Languages & Literature – sponsor)

Gregory Hudson Award for Writing Excellence in the Humanities
Saskia den Boon, English
“Davis’s Diasporic Sketches: Defining the Diaspora Through Jazz (Prof. Ianna Hawkins Owen, English – sponsor)

Social Sciences
Michael A. Sassano III Award for Writing Excellence in the Social Sciences
Nikki Huank, Sociology
“Going Global: How US Universities Transform Local Elites into Elite Global Citizens” (Prof. Ashley Mears, Sociology – sponsor)

Social Sciences
Christopher M. Sassano Award for Writing Excellence in the Social Sciences
Minji Kwak, International Relations
“Questioning the Future Viability of the Latin American and Caribbean Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone: A Contemporary Assessment of the Treaty o Tlatelolco” (Prof. Jack Weinstein, Pardee School of Global Studies – sponsor)


Jessica Mellen, History of Art & Architecture
“Lists in The Pillow Book” (Prof. J. Keith Vincent, World Languages & Literature – sponsor)

Iris Zheng, English
“Divorce Law and Social Codes in The House of Mirth (Prof. Laura Korobkin, English – sponsor)

Natural Sciences
Otto Holbrook, Neuroscience
Brandon Molligoda, Neuroscience
“Behavioral Consequences of the Downstream Products of Ethanol Metabolism Involved in Alcohol Use Disorder” (Prof. Kyle Gobrogge, Neuroscience – sponsor)

Social Sciences
Sophia Poteet, International Relations
“Invisibility to Inclusion: An Analysis of the Gendered Discourse of Multilateral Nuclear Weapons Treaty Negotiations” (Prof. Jayita Sarkar, Pardee School of Global Studies – sponsor)


Claire Rich, History of Art & Architecture
“Women Artists, 1918-1939: Feminine Classicism in the Parisian Interwar Period” (Prof. Jonathan Ribner, History of Art & Architecture – sponsor)

Roy Wang, English
“The Underground Cookbook: Antebellum Recipes for Black Domestic Resistance” (Prof. Maurice Lee, English – sponsor)

Natural Sciences
Nayantara Srinivasan, Earth & Environmental Sciences
“Predicting the Vulnerability of Salt Marshes in Southern New Jersey Using Sea Level Rise and Vertical Accretion Projections” (Prof. Brooke Wikgren, Earth & Environment – sponsor)

Social Sciences
Shiba Esfand, Psychology
“Children Calibrate Willingness to Wait for Rewards on the Basis of Time-Interval Experience” (Prof. Melissa Kibbe, Psychological & Brain Sciences – sponsor)