assistant professor jonathan mijs

Assistant Professor


Jonathan J.B. Mijs is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boston University. His work draws on ethnography, longitudinal data analysis, survey experiments, and computational methods to investigate how people perceive, explain and confront social inequality.

He will teach SO 493: Topics in Sociology: Understanding Meritocracy, which critically evaluates the concept of “meritocracy,” its origins and contemporary adoption as an ideal worth striving for. What would a true meritocracy look like, what are its societal implications and what social processes may stand in its way?

His book project, under contract with University of California Press, asks why growing levels of economic inequality have been met with only minimal public consternation. It describes how widening racial and economic fault lines lead to insulate people from seeing the full extent of inequality.

His work has been supported by research grants from Harvard University, the London School of Economics, the Dutch Research Council, and the European Union, and has featured in the Financial Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, and El País.

Mijs received his BSc (Sociology) and MSc (Social Sciences) from the University of Amsterdam and his MA and PhD in Sociology from Harvard University.

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