Assistant Professor


Dr Mijs´s research contends with why the growing economic gap has left many of us unconcerned.

His work draws on a combination of longitudinal data analysis, survey experiments, qualitative field work, and computational methods to document the transformation of the social landscape and its consequences for how people understand, explain and feel about inequality and meritocracy.

His research has been published in Social Problems, Socio-Economic Review, Sociology of Education, Social Psychology Quarterly, and the Annual Review of Sociology, among other journals. It has been supported by grants from the European Union, Dutch Research Council, Harvard University, London School of Economics, and BU’s Center for Innovation in Social Science. It has been featured in such news outlets as The Atlantic, the Washington Post, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent, and El País.

Currently, Dr Mijs teaches SO 391 Social Inequality in America, SO 497 / SO 897 Understanding Meritocracy, and SO 702 Sociological Methods. He is available to supervise dissertations and student research projects.

Dr Mijs received his BSc (Sociology) and MSc (Social Sciences) from the University of Amsterdam and his MA and PhD in Sociology from Harvard University.

See his Professional Website for more information and PDFs of his published research.