Study at the crossroads
for communication.

This is the intersection of strategy and creativity, art and analysis, branding and social media, pop culture and commerce. This is media science at Boston University College of Communication (COM), one of the nation’s most highly regarded programs.

We have a history of innovation, including the founding of our Communication Research Center back in 1959.

Our faculty include top professionals, leading researchers, and sought-after media commentators. They are also dedicated, talented teachers.

We develop tomorrow’s leaders by teaching the principles and skills needed for successful careers in the hottest emerging careers. In addition, students get real experience solving real problems for real clients—click to see some of their work at our student-run AdLab and PRLab agencies and COMmunicator website.

Our alumni reach to top positions throughout the communications industry, from consumer strategy [Michaela Ion (’04), Sony] to global retailing [Sara Al-Tukhaim (’07), Kantar Retail] to sports and entertainment marketing [Ben Sturner (’99), founder of Leverage Agency]. Their number and influence grows each year.

An increasingly hyperconnected world demands both inspired creativity and sophisticated analysis. The study of mass communication is more important than ever. And whether it’s content, research, application or innovation, at COM it’s more advanced than ever.