The College of Communication’s financial aid resources include various scholarship funds and graduate assistantships (teaching, research, administrative). In addition, graduate students can apply for federal educational loans and private educational loan funds. Numerous on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities are also available.

Merit Scholarships

COM scholarship awards are merit-based on academic promise and the availability of funds. COM scholarships are only awarded during the admission process. All full-time students who apply for admission are automatically considered for COM merit-based scholarships.

Excellence in Communication Scholarship

$27,500 – $30,000 per academic year

As the College of Communication’s most prestigious graduate scholarship, the Excellence in Communication Scholarship is awarded to students that have demonstrated excellence in the field. Each year, COM recognizes 20 admitted graduate students for their academic achievements, commitment to the field of communication, and demonstrated leadership in their community. All applicants, both domestic and international, are automatically considered for this scholarship. Priority will go to students that have submitted their application by February 1st.

Dean’s Scholarship

$17,000 – $25,000* per academic year

The Dean’s Scholarship is awarded to approximately 25% of admitted graduate students each year. The College of Communication strongly believes in recognizing students for their hard work and potential to become influential leaders in the world of communication. Typically, recipients of this scholarship are in the top half of the incoming class, with strong academic credentials and test scores. All applicants, both domestic and international, are automatically considered for this scholarship. Priority will go to students that have submitted their application by February 1st.*Scholarship amount dependent on program of admission

Emerging Leaders Scholarship

$8,000- $15,000* per academic year

In addition to excellent academic credentials, recipients of the Emerging Leaders Scholarship will be students that have demonstrated creativity and intellectual curiosity through their application for admission. Approximately 30% of admitted students are offered this scholarship. All applicants, both domestic and international, are automatically considered for this award. Priority will go to students that have submitted their application by February 1st.*Scholarship amount dependent on program of admission

Communication Scholarship

$5,000 – $7,500* per academic year

The Communication Scholarship is designed to support students in pursuing a Master’s Degree at Boston University’s College of Communication. There is no separate application for consideration of the Communication Scholarship, and all applicants will be automatically considered. Priority will go to students that have submitted their application by February 1st.*Scholarship amount dependent on program of admission

Global Scholars Award

Up to $5,000 per academic year

This scholarship is designed to recognize the diverse and significant viewpoints of high achieving international students. COM acknowledges the many challenges of pursuing a degree abroad, and we encourage the best students from around the world to contribute to the rich culture of the Boston University community. As there is no separate application process for consideration for this scholarship, all admitted international applicants are automatically considered for this award. Domestic applicants are not eligible for this scholarship.

Claflin Scholarship

A $10,000 scholarship is awarded to provide support for underrepresented minority graduate students enrolled in the BU College of Communication with preference given to students who are graduates of Claflin University; Orangeburg, S.C.

Kauff Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to provide support for MS Journalism students who would like to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism.

Boston University Alumni Scholarship

Minimum award of $10,000 per academic year

The BU Alumni Scholarship is designed to support recent Boston University graduates who are committed to furthering their education and pursuing excellence in the field of communication. To be considered for this award, students must be undergraduate alumni of Boston University that have graduated within the past five years. Students with a minimum BU GPA of 3.3 will be guaranteed the award if admitted to a COM graduate program. There is no separate application for this scholarship. All Boston University alumni will automatically be reviewed for this award during the admissions process, and both international and domestic students are eligible. Recent Boston University alumni may also qualify for an application fee waiver.

Other Scholarships

Students are not automatically considered for the following scholarships.

First Generation Scholarship

The Boston University College of Communication is pleased to offer two full tuition scholarship opportunities for first generation college students. The scholarships will cover the full cost of tuition and fees for the normal duration of the graduate program to which the selected candidate is accepted and enrolled. Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Applicants must be a first generation college student, which means that you are the first person (not including siblings), in your immediate family (parents and grandparents) to receive a bachelor’s degree from an undergraduate institution.
  • Scholarship recipients must stay enrolled as a full-time student throughout the intended duration of the master’s program in the College of Communication. Students that switch to part-time status become ineligible for the scholarship.
  • This scholarship is contingent upon enrollment in the College of Communication for a fall 2022 start date.
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher for the duration of the master’s program.

*Please be aware that this scholarship will replace any other COM merit scholarship previously awarded, and cannot exceed the total cost of tuition and fees when combined with other outside or BU scholarship.*

To apply: The application for the 2023 First Generation Scholarship is now closed.

Jonathan Walton Memorial Scholarship

The 2022/2023 Jonathan Walton Memorial Scholarship will provide an annual scholarship of $2,500 to one deserving graduate student at the Boston University College of Communication.

The Jonathan Walton scholarship is designed to support underrepresented minority groups that include, but are not limited to, students who identify as Black, African-American, Caribbean, and/or Caribbean-American on the basis of financial need. The Donor requests that scholarship recipients, in their second semester of their graduate program, document their experiences and observations surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion at Boston University’s College of Communication and through the communication industry. The recipient will then be asked provide this document to the Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It is the Donor’s hope that selected students will provide suggestions and thoughts on improvement of diversity and inclusion opportunities.

To apply: The 2022/2023 Jonathan Walton Scholarship application is now closed.


All full-time students who apply for admission are also automatically considered for some COM assistantships. COM assistantships may include teaching, research, grading or other employment opportunities at the college. Individual departmental and faculty requirements determine graduate assistantships. Any enrolled student informed of an assistantship opportunity in their admission letter will be assigned a specific role/position over the summer.

Please be aware that additional assistantship opportunities do become available at the start of the fall semester and throughout the school year. All enrolled students are informed of assistantship opportunities through the COM Graduate Newsletter emailed twice per month.

Students who are not awarded an assistantship in their admission letter can apply for assistantships as positions become available.

There are other on-campus employment options available to enrolled students through Boston University’s Student Employment Office and the Fitness and Recreation Center.

Questions regarding assistantships can be directed to

* Graduate students at BU are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week of University employment. Generally, international students on an F-1 visa are limited to 20 hours per week, but international students should check with ISSO for specific regulations. Though a student may hold more than one assistantship in COM, the number of total weekly hours may not exceed 20 across all University employment.

* Assistantships are paid by a pre-set semester stipend. Students receive a pay check each Friday. Assistantships are on-campus employment and are not tuition remission.

Financial Aid

Available funds do not allow us to provide assistance to all graduate students; however, most receive partial support and avail themselves of the various loan programs to further finance their education. The University and the College of Communication assume that all students will contribute financially to their graduate education.

Eligibility for some types of assistance is determined by documented financial need. For current interest rates and loan fees, please visit the US Department of Education website. In order to be considered for any federal aid (including Work-Study and loans) you must submit a Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). You may apply online at

Tuition Payment 

For information on tuition payment deadlines and payment options please visit the BU Student Accounting Services website.

Budgeting Tools

Smart Money 101 is a BU Financial Assistance initiative established to provide the Boston University community with online tools, information and other resources to promote effective money management.