Tell a great story.

Whether reporting news, creating ad campaigns or directing movies, you’re telling stories. To tell great stories, you have to understand what makes a story great. You have to understand people. That’s why, at Boston University College of Communication (COM), you’ll pursue a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum as well as exceptional professional studies in your chosen department, be it Journalism, Film & Television, Mass Communication or Advertising & Public Relations.

In COM, you’ll learn principles of communication from leading professionals and hone valuable, practical skills to help you contribute on the job from day one. At the University at large, you’ll be exposed to a wealth of diverse ideas, learn what makes people tick and gain the perspective needed to recognize great stories and tell them effectively.

This well-rounded approach is what sets us apart from other top-rated communication programs and is a large part of why so many COM alums succeed. You’ll find them at the highest levels in every area of communication around the world.

COM also stands for community.

COM, of course, is short for “Communication” but it represents more than just a field of study. At COM, you’re part of a vibrant community of talented students and faculty who share a passion for storytelling, learning and making a difference. Students form close bonds and often work together. Mentorships turn into lifelong friendships between professor and student.

You also become part of the Boston University community. As a highly ranked major research university, BU attracts a diverse, international student body with interests from art to engineering to zoology. There are more than 450 student groups active on campus. Studies are challenging, social lives active and relationships rewarding.

Study here, study there.

Your even larger community is Boston, a vibrant, international city and the seventh-largest media market in the country. Some of the world’s foremost advertising, media, marketing and communications firms call it home. Internships and career opportunities abound. And, as a major high-tech center, the city remains at the forefront of communication innovation. Boston is also a great place to be a student. There are dozens of colleges and universities—the nation’s highest concentration. Social, cultural and entertainment options are myriad and varied. History is rich here. Fenway Park is practically in BU’s backyard. And, despite its size, Boston is considered one of America’s most walkable cities.

If you want a really well-rounded education, consider spending a semester studying abroad. BU’s Study Abroad program is among the best of any university, both for its breadth and the quality of our partner universities. Most popular among COM students are internships in London, Sydney, Dublin, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. But, don’t make a hasty decision; we have more than 100 programs around the world from Auckland to Hong Kong to Quito to Zanzibar.

Get ready for what’s next.

Ultimately, you want a job. A career, to be more accurate. No one prepares you for that quite like COM.

In addition to the unique approach, we provide you with great hands-on experience. Our student-run agencies do real advertising and PR campaigns for real clients. Film & TV students produce films and television programs. Aspiring journalists report for regional news outlets through our BU News Service. Our internship program is excellent, and includes many leading international communication firms. And remember: all those alumni represent a true resource for you when entering the job market.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the communications leader to whom the next generation of BU COM grads reaches out.