With COM’s top-tier reputation and long history of excellence in instruction, our graduates excel at the highest levels of industry, media and the arts. So what’s next for COM?

In short, we seek communication for good. We aim to spur positive change toward addressing societal challenges such as social justice, sustainability, and public health. Our cross-disciplinary researchers are working to understand and combat communication dysfunctions such as disinformation and polarization, especially in digital media.

Ambitious? Sure. Achievable? Yes – with a plan to get us there and the commitment to see it through.

We’ve revisited the college’s mission, created a strategic plan tailored for COM and aligned with BU2030 strategic plan, and have identified clear strategies to bring it to life.

The Mission

At Boston University’s College of Communication, our mission is to:

  • Build understanding to address societal challenges through communication education, practice, and discovery.
  • Prepare students to lead, to adapt, and to share their voices in a transformational media world.
  • Generate knowledge through research and theory building.
  • Integrate professional and academic experiences across communication disciplines.
  • Nurture a culture rich in diversity, critical thinking, and creative expression.
  • Champion communication grounded in truth, authenticity, effectiveness, and purpose.