The BU
Arts Initiative

The Boston University Arts Initiative ensures that the arts are fundamental to the BU student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

About Us

New England Philharmonic’s The Big Bad Wolf
FREE tickets w/ BU ID & code: BUARTS, $10 for Faculty & Staff w/ code BU2016 - Dec. 11
Turkish Art Festival
Co-Hosted by the Howard Thurman Center - Nov. 2 - Dec. 15
The Art of the Doodle
Be a part of our community doodle in the Link - Nov. 28-Dec. 1
Arts Insiders Program
Get first dibs on amazing arts activities. Join the BU Arts Insiders!
Poetry as the Heard Word
Does hearing a poem change its meaning?
Marsh Chapel Choir & the Rolling Stones
Marsh Chapel Choir sings “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
Sounds of BU
Music from BU student groups, BU Band, and the Symphony Orchestra
BU at the Cannes Film Festival
Script for screened short by COM’s Danielpour