Turning vision into reality.

Film & Television at the BU College of Communication (COM) is committed to teaching students how to tell stories over multiple platforms such as film, television and new media. The effort often reaches across COM departments and even other schools and colleges.

Does our approach work? Look no further than our students and alumni for your answer.

Films from our Redstone Festival of student-created projects have been nominated for Academy Awards. Hothouse Productions and butv10, both student-run, create award-winning works from PSAs and documentaries to news and variety shows.

COM alumni are among some of the most successful directors, screenwriters, editors, producers, executives and academics in communication. They include Bonnie Hammer (CGS’69, COM’71, SED’75), chairman of NBCUniversal Cable; Orlando Bagwell (’74,’77), director of UC Berkeley’s documentary program, and Nancy Dubuc (’91), CEO of VICE.

Whether it’s students exploring new ways to communicate, alumni rising to leadership positions or faculty directing influential films and research, COM shapes the face of film and television.