Najam Keynotes on Law, Justice, and Climate Change in Bhutan

Professor Najam outlined the nature of the global climate change challenge, particularly for developing countries and especially in what he describes as the “Age of Adaptation,” and reflected on the role of law and philanthropy in addressing global climate change, particularly in national and local implications and impacts.

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Najam Discusses COP27 Loss and Damage Fund in “CBC” Interview

In an ideal world, Professor Najam says that the loss and damage fund would be structured so that those countries whose emissions are high pay for the damages done to those whose emissions are low. However, he notes that the fund will likely be funded by voluntary contributions coming not out of a responsibility to address damages done but out of a humanitarian desire to help those in need.

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Najam Discusses Global Costs of Climate Change During UN Keynote

Professor Najam argues that sufficient funds have not been allocated from the most developed and polluting countries of the world to address pressing climate justice demands, and the ongoing costs are being borne by the world’s poorest people who are least responsible for climate change.

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Najam Interviewed on Rising Tide of Calls for Global Climate Justice

“We are in for some volatile global climate politics and, unfortunately, developing countries are on their own; beyond words and some occasional ‘assistance,’ developing countries are not likely to get reparations either from the governments or from citizens of the industrialized West.”

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