Madhu C. Dutta-Koehler

Dr. Madhu C. Dutta-KoehlerAssociate Professor of the Practice and Director of City Planning and Urban Affairs Programs

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MArch, University of Texas at Austin
BArch, Manipal Institute of Technology, India

Dr. Dutta-Koehler has over fifteen years of experience in the field of urban planning, design, and architecture as an educator, researcher, and practitioner. An award-winning architect and planner, Dutta-Koehler maintains her own international architectural practice specializing in residential design. Prior to her current appointment, she has been part of the MET faculty since 2006 as an adjunct professor, receiving the Dean’s Citation for Teaching Excellence in 2011. She has also held faculty positions at the University of Texas at San Antonio and Wentworth Institute of Technology, and was a lecturer at MIT.

Professionally, Dutta-Koehler has worked on various international design competitions and award-winning projects, which have been recognized by the World Habitat Award, Indian Institute of Architects’ Award, American Institute of Architects, U.S. Department of Energy, and others. She is a dedicated teacher and takes great pride in challenging her students to explore critical aspects of the built environment, both from a technological and a policy-oriented perspective. Her scholarly interests are eclectic: her current research and teaching focuses on climate change adaptation— particularly in the urban Global South—and environmental sustainability in the built environment; her previous work has explored the hybridized and virtual milieus in the “new frontiers” of digital architecture, as well as Colonial-era urban planning in India and modern-day U.S. “company towns.” Dutta-Koehler is also committed to the creative and performing arts. Apart from her continuing interest in photography, graphic design, and the visual arts, she has also studied and performed Indian classical dance for almost two decades.

  • MET UA 301 – Introduction to Urban Affairs
  • MET UA 515 – History and Theory of Urban Planning
  • MET UA 613 – Designing Urban Space
  • MET UA 703 – Urban Research Methods

Book Chapters

“How Resource-Constraints Shape Climate Adaptation: Lessons from a South Asian Mega-City.” In Urban Areas and Global Climate Change (UK: Emerald Publishers, 2012).

Dutta, M. and Koehler, W. “The Raj versus the Republic: The Legacy of Lutyens.” In Prashad, D., Ed. New Architecture and Urbanism: Development of Indian Traditions, Delhi: International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (2008): 107-112.

Conference Proceedings/Papers (Peer reviewed)

“Preserving Coastal Environments: Implications for climate-adaptation planning and policy.” 8th Annual Conference, Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center, University of Amherst, MA, 2011.

Dutta, M., and Araujo, K. “Planning for Urban Climate Adaptation: Lessons from Cities of the Global South.” 40th Conference of the Urban Affairs Association, Honolulu, HI, 2010.

Dutta, M., and Gupta, A. “Delhi: Planned Capitol City vs. Unplanned Capital City.” In the International Conference on “New Towns of the 21st Century: The Planned City vs. The Unplanned City.” Almere, Netherlands: International New Town Institute (INTI), 2009.

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“Digital Discoveries and the Evolving Student Mind.” In Digital Design: the Quest for New Paradigms, International Annual Conference of Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe), Lisbon, Portugal, 2005.

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Dutta, M., and Senegal, M. “Rhizograms: A Synesthetic Approach to Design Process.” In Dynamics of Architectural Knowledge, Proceedings of the European Association of Architectural Educators, (EAAE) International Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 2003.

Other Publications (selected)

Dutta, M., and Fuchs, M. “Web Based Technologies and the Electronic Portfolio.” Learning and Teaching in the Age of Technology Conference, Wentworth Institute of Technology, 2004.

“The Future is Now: Integration of Digital Technology as a Process Oriented Tool in the Learning Environment.” Article in VOLTS, Learning Technology Solutions Newsletter, 2004.

Dutta, M., and Senegal, M. “Solar Sails: An Installation.” Second-prize-winning refereed project and writing published in Sun Wall Design Competition, Golden, CO: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (2001). Federal publication number: DOE/GO-102001-1339.

Published short story writer and columnist in one of the leading papers in India, the Hindustan Times.

Lectures (selected)

Invited Speaker. Lectures in Planning Series (LIPS), Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, 2014.

Invited Speaker and Panelist. The Future is Now: Urban Asia in the 21st Century Conference, Boston University, 2014.

Invited Speaker and Panelist. for “Urban Environmental Sustainability Conference”, Harvard College in Asia Program, Boston, 2014.

Panelist, EcoDistricts Research Symposium, NorthEastern University, 2013.

Invited speaker and panelist for “Latin America’s X Congress of Digital Graphics” (SIGRaDi) on “Post Digital: The Human Factor”, Santiago, Chile, 2006.

Invited speaker and panelist, College of Architecture, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, 2006.


Rockefeller Foundation Curriculum Development (team grant of $1,000,000), 2011

Center for International Studies Research Grant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010

Emerson Grant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008.

Harold Horrowitz Research Grant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008.

Research & Travel Grants, Wentworth Institute of Technology, 2004, ‘05, ‘06.

IBM-Dassault Educational Research Grant ($200,000), 2000.

VectorWorks software and research grant ($10,000), 1999.

Dean’s Circle Grant, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2000.

Exhibitions (selected)

“Section in a Box- Experiments in Urban Housing”, Casella Gallery, Wentworth Institute of Technology, December 2005.

“Solar Sails: An Installation”, Association of Colleges of Architecture (ACSA) annual meeting, New Orleans, April 2002.

“Solar Sails: An Installation”, American Institute of Architects (AIA) annual convocation, Denver, 2001.

Faculty Design Exhibition, UTSA, 1999.

“The Process of Design” Professional Design Work (Architects of Southwest Texas),1999.

HUDCO Buildtech Exhibition, India International Trade Fair, India, November 1994.

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