Core Faculty - Marcus Goncalves

Marcus Goncalves

Associate Professor of the Practice Coordinator, Global Marketing Management Associate Chair, Administrative Sciences

Dr. Marcus Goncalves is an international business researcher focusing most of his work on international entrepreneurship and internationalization modes of entry for multinational enterprises (MNEs), particularly relating to Lusophone-African and frontier markets. A focus point of his research is the impact of local macroeconomic and geopolitical contexts on internationalization strategies of these MNEs. Recent and ongoing research explores Lusophone-African MNEs and their modes of entry to internationalization within Africa and beyond. Dr. Goncalves has been awarded a doctorate Honoris Causa degree at the University Privada de Angola in Luanda, Angola, for his work on the internationalization of MNEs in Lusophone-African countries. He has more than forty books published by various leading publishers in the US, and many translated to several languages. He is a frequent contributor to leading magazines and journals in the US, Nigeria, Brazil, and China. He has been very active in the enterprise application integration industry, with CxO positions in several companies, a patent on cloud computing, and several published books and journal articles. Under his leadership as a CTO for Virtual Access Networks, a cloud-based technology product was awarded the Best Enterprise Product at Comdex in 2001, and was then acquired by Symantec.