Core Faculty - Roger Warburton

Roger D. H. Warburton

Associate Professor Emeritus, Administrative Sciences

Dr. Warburton’s research focuses on the practical challenge of inventory control. He publishes and lectures internationally about domestic manufacturing, challenging the obsession with manufacturing everything offshore. He teaches courses in supply chain management and project management, both in the classroom and online. Warburton discovered the exact theoretical solutions to the full set of supply chain equations, opening up a new range of information system research opportunities. He develops algorithms, heuristics, and guidelines for supply chain management systems. He lectures in U.S. and Europe, advocating that the loss of manufacturing jobs is not inevitable—there are cost-effective survival strategies for high-wage manufacturers. Warburton also conducts research in project management, having developed a model for including time dependence into Earned Value Management, to determine project costs and schedules early in their life. Previously, Warburton was the MIS director for Griffin Manufacturing, helping transform an apparel manufacturer from a simple cut-and-sew facility into a twenty-first century operation with a global supply chain and domestic manufacturing supported by international outsourcing. Before that, he was vice president of the Software Technology Division of Jaycor, directing the technical analysis of very large information systems. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®).