Core Faculty - Eric Braude

Eric Braude

Associate Professor Director of Digital Learning, Computer Science

Dr. Braude teaches software design, machine learning, and algorithms. His six books include Software Engineering: Modern Approaches, 2nd ed. (Wiley, 2010)—with Michael Bernstein—and Software Design: From Programming to Architecture (Wiley, 2003), and a number have been translated into multiple languages. Braude has many years of experience as a researcher, software engineer, and senior R&D manager in industry and government. He has served as technology adviser to corporations such as Philips, Lockheed, Lucent, and MITRE Corporation.

What advice do you have for new students?

Information Technology has become a very broad field. Pick areas within IT that interest you the most. You will enjoy your work, develop a habit of continuing learning, and add experience to rely on in the future.