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Boston University School of Theology is one of about 15 university-based seminaries in the United States. We are a medium-sized seminary serving just over 350 students, and yet we enjoy the resources of the country’s fourth-largest private research university, Boston University.

This means interdisciplinary study is not only available, but encouraged. Our degree programs provide opportunity for specialization in a number of academic fields, and students can cross-register for courses at other schools within BU, such as the schools of Social Work, Public Health, Communications, Education, Hospitality Administration, and Fine Arts. The Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium (BTI) provides additional cross-registration possibilities. Such robust options for coursework allow students in any program a depth of research and vocational discernment that make the Boston University School of Theology such a remarkable institution.


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Writing Help

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Meet Our Faculty

​Experts in a wide range of fields, our faculty is among the most published and cited in the country.

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